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Tibia turns 25 and has reasons to celebrate (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)

January 7, 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Tibia, MMORPG created and published by the German CipSoft, which was hugely successful all over the world, especially in Brazil. The game was famous not only for being free, but also for presenting super simple graphics, to work on any more modest computer since its inception. To celebrate the date, the producer announced yet another new feature: an update that will add sound effects.

It was even always a recurrent joke among those who didn’t like Tibia the fact that the game has no sound. But this was one of his many “charms”. The game’s purpose has always been to be as simple as possible, without necessarily becoming unplayable. Graphics, animations, systems, nothing compares to other MMORPGs more complex and with a higher learning curve. The rule here has always been simplicity and ease of access.

It was precisely for this reason that Tibia became popular in Brazil. High performance computers have never been cheap here. In its heyday, the game was also played by many people who still didn’t have broadband Internet access – and it worked perfectly on the old “dial-up Internet”, via telephone pulses, not to mention light downloading. These were advantages that were not found in popular competitors, such as World of Warcraft.

And don’t you think that Tibia is forgotten nowadays. According to CipSoft, in 2021 alone, it was played by 185,000 Brazilian players. CipSoft confirmed that, even today, Brazil remains the main country in terms of number of active players in the Tibia. In an old survey, carried out in 2009, Brazil represented the majority of users, around 26.56%.

Currently the game has changed little, except for additional exploration systems, combat, items and changes to the maps. Graphics and proposal remain the same, although they have evolved at some level, but there are also options for those who want to pay a premium account and get benefits, such as the possibility of renting houses and others.

How is Tibia?

No Tibia you create a character like any other MMORPG, but its look is not as detailed. The game guides you through a tutorial through the first steps and teaches you the basic commands, especially combat ones. Over time, and with levels, the player advances and can become an expert in a class, such as paladin or mage.

This is all very similar to what we find in other games in this style, actually. Tibia it has no voice communication system, only text, but nothing prevents a group of players from joining a Discord server, for example, and chatting there to combine attacks or exploits together.

the world of Tibia it also has its own Lore, meaning its story that evolves over time, with map updates, landmark characters, legendary items and other elements in common for all users.

Tibia prides itself on simplicity – and it will continue to do so (Image: Divulgação/CipSoft)

Some of the few differences compared to other games is that there is no level limit – there are players who have passed level 1000, for example – and that there is even a whole system for characters that die or are killed by other users within the game, with punishments and special markings.

It is possible to play on servers focused on combat between players, the “PvP”, or on others that do not allow this type of action, for those who want more peace of mind when venturing in this world. Last year CipSoft added two more servers for Latin America, inclusive. One in the “Optional PvP” Reinobra (SA) configuration; and another “Retro Open PvP” Mudabra (SA) – totaling 19 servers for our region alone and 68 worldwide.

The origins of Tibia

The original development started back in 1995. It wasn’t until 1997 that the first permanent public server was set up to host the Alpha Tibia 1.0. Its developers, four students from Regensburg, Bavaria, were inspired by multiplayer MUD computer games and the technical possibilities offered by emerging Internet technologies.

One of Tibia’s old clients (Image: Reproduction)

Since then it’s been a success story and how the game has evolved in audience and content since then. A mobile version, Tibia Micro Edition, was also released in 2003, quite different from the PC version. Nowadays it is called Tibia: Land of Heroes and it’s still running.

to the future and beyond

“A story like Tibia’s is rare in our industry,” says Stephan Vogler, one of CipSoft’s CEOs and founders, in a press release. “Our hobby project became a lasting success with many dedicated players. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this story.” Ulrich Schlott, as well as Vogler, CEO and founder of the company, adds: “Tibia remains active more successfully than ever, in part due to our close cooperation with our community. After 25 years, we still have a lot of ideas to bring new content to the world of Tibia”.

25 years later, Tibia remains firm (Image: Divulgação/CipSoft)

If it depends on the Brazilian community, the life of the nice and simple MMORPG will still be long. Whether you’re a gamer or gamer from the dial-up Internet era, or someone who has arrived less time than that, but who equally loves the world created by CipSoft. For another 25 years and beyond!

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