The Adventures of Jackie Chan: 10 facts about animation

As Adventures by Jackie Chan is one of the most famous and well-known animations of all time and, in Brazil, it became very well known after several reruns on TV Globinho.

However, this series is also world-renowned, as it follows the adventures of the well-known Jackie Chan, who exists in real life and collaborated heavily in the development of the production.

If you want to know more about As Adventures by Jackie Chancheck out our selection of 10 facts you didn’t know about the drawing below!

10. The opening was recorded in over a year

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One of the most striking parts of As Adventures by Jackie Chan is its opening, which combines live-action with animation and brings a great sense of adventure and action. However, what many don’t know is that, despite not having even a full minute, the opening took more than a year to record.

9. Jackie Chan didn’t voice his character

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Contrary to what many think, the star Jackie Chan was not the one who voiced the character in the animation, being the actor Jamie Sie who lent his voice to the character in the English version, although Jackie himself made some appearances throughout the series. 5 seasons of the series.

8. Clothes in the animation are the same as in the movie Armor of God

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A very curious fact of As Adventures by Jackie Chan is that the protagonist wears the same outfit that Jackie wears throughout the movie Armor of God. This is a work that caused a head trauma to the actor, when he had to jump out of a moving plane for the biggest action scene ever carried out by the star.

7. Fighting style influenced other works

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we all know that As Adventures by Jackie Chan it has real spectacles in the fight scenes and, for that, the creative team studied all the actor’s works and his fighting style throughout the productions. Thus, the clash scenes in the animation served as a reference for several future works, such as the success Avatar: A Lenda de Aang.

6. Uncle Chan Was Inspired By Jackie Chan’s Father

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Contrary to popular belief, the iconic character Uncle Chan was not actually inspired by Jack’s real uncle, but his biological father, Charles Chan. Jackie’s father had to flee China during the Civil War and ended up in Australia, being a great overcoming reference for the actor.

5. The production had a strong team

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The production quality of As Adventures by Jackie Chan is one of the main features that made the series a success and, behind the production team, was a strong team, with John Rogers, Jeff Kline and Duane Capizzi, responsible for films like Catwoman, MIB: Men in Black e The maskbeing true icons in the world of film and series productions.

4. Jackie studied at the Peking Opera School

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Throughout the seasons of animation, Uncle Chan often talks a lot about his experiences at the Peking Opera School. But the truth is that Jackie Chan himself was the one who studied there when his parents moved to Australia and it was there that he developed much of his artistic skills to become one of the greatest icons in the history of cinema.

3. Jackie Chan’s niece voiced Jade Chan in the animation

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The protagonist’s niece Jackie in As Adventures by Jackie Chan is a true icon and Jade Chan has become a favorite of many fans of animation, but what many don’t know is that her voice actress is the actor’s own niece in real life, Stacie Chan. Although she had a great success voicing the character, Stacie gave up her job to join the Google team.

2. Uncle Chan Quote is a mantra for positivity

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Although very confusing for most fans of As Adventures by Jackie Chanthe phrase that Uncle Chan repeats in battles is Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao, a mantra of positivity that is translated into spirits, demons, ghosts, monsters, leave quickly.

1. The animation has great references to Jackie’s movies

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A very interesting curiosity about animation is that, throughout the seasons, many references to Jackie’s films are inserted in the episodes and even striking scenes of the actor’s fights were reproduced in the series.

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