The 8 most unexpected plot twists of anime


A plot twist is a radical change of direction in the narrative of a series or movie. Among the productions, animes are quite known for loving to make use of a good twist.

Because of this large amount of abrupt changes, many of the plot twists are very predictable or end up leaving fans smart and waiting for the twists and turns of the series.

However, in some cases, the writers hit the nail on the plot twist, so that they end up surprising even the most connected and devoted fans of anime.

To illustrate this idea, Minha Série brings a list with the 8 most unexpected plot twists of anime!

(Source: Sunrise/Reproduction)Source:  Sunrise

Code Geass is a recent series produced by Sunrise and available in the Netflix catalogue. The animation has some plot twists throughout the first season, but one in particular is striking.

Just before the final battle of season 1, the true identity of Lelouch and Geass is brought to light for the Black Knights. This event ends up creating some alliance reversals and also shows that Lelouch is actually fighting the organization he himself built.

(Source: Madhouse/Reproduction)(Source: Madhouse/Reproduction)Source:  Madhouse

The anime has only one season, but it was enough to bring a plot twist worthy of entering this list. Light spends the entire series trying to kill L, but even so, the two end up developing a kind of “friendship”.

The twist here happens in two moments: the fact that L ends up dying much sooner than expected and the character shows strong feelings while hugging Light moments before dying.

(Source: Studio Pierrot/Reproduction)(Source: Studio Pierrot/Reproduction)Source:  Studio Pierrot

Bleach is an animation that collected series and movies. In one of the seasons, we have a twist that surprised most fans of the anime.

The scene in question is when Ichimaru Gin decides to betray his companion and shoves his zanpakutou into Sosuki Aisen’s chest. Gin does this to catch the Hougyoku and stop Aisen from carrying out the atrocities she was planning.

(Source: MAPPA/Reproduction)(Source: MAPPA/Reproduction)Source:  MAPPA

When talking about plot twist within Attack on Titan, fans of the series should already be sure what the twist is.

No one was expecting it, but Eren, one of the good guys in animation, turns out to be a heartless villain and betrays the friends he said he loves so much. The event causes the entire narrative of the anime to be changed for the 4th season.

(Source: Studio Pierrot/Reproduction)(Source: Studio Pierrot/Reproduction)Source:  Studio Pierrot

Naruto is another franchise with many twists. In Naruto Shippuden, one event in particular ends up standing out for the way it affects the series’ narrative. Sasuke spends much of the story trying to destroy Itachi, who is his brother.

That’s because he was responsible for the death of the entire Uchiha clan. The plot twist is in the fact that Itachi did this to prevent a Third Ninja War and only left Sasuke alive because he loved his brother too much, who only discovered this after achieving revenge and murdering Itachi.

(Source: Toei Animation/Reproduction)(Source: Toei Animation/Reproduction)Source:  Toei Animation

One Piece has always been an anime known for not letting the characters die. When problems did happen, they would somehow be resolved and inevitable death would somehow be averted.

However, the story changes when Ace is captured by the World Government. Brother Luffy ends up arriving in prison and freeing Ace, but the character ends up sacrificing himself to save Luffy. This changes the entire tone of the series’ narrative and has shaken many fans.

two. Angel Beats

(Source: P.A. Works/Reproduction)(Source: P.A. Works/Reproduction)Source:  PA Works

The mood of the series starts very light and becomes more reflective in the development of the story. But a specific situation ends up causing a big turnaround and a lot of emotion.

The friendship between Otonashi and Angel is a constant in the anime. When Otonashi confesses his love for his friend and decides to stay in the Beyond with her and help in the reincarnation of others, he ends up freeing Angel, who was also a lost soul in search of thanking the person who gave him a heart: Otonashi himself.

1. Darwin’s Game

(Source: Nexus/Reproduction)(Source: Nexus/Reproduction)Source:  Nexus

When the anime starts, it appears to be another one of those series in which the protagonist will have to deal with numerous battle situations, but will avoid killing opponents.

However, protagonist Kaname ends up losing one of his friends. This makes the character lose his head and start to show a very cold side, with a taste for killing and being very good at it. Changing the character alters the entire narrative of Darwin’s Game.

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