The 8 best horror movies to watch

October is known as the month of Halloween and, even though the date is not so vivid in Brazil, it still serves as a great excuse to enter the macabre climate and consume great productions that scare us.

To help, we’ve separated a list of the best horror films with a lot of variety, including those that mix science fiction and drama, as well as older and current works. To better know where to start, check out our list specially prepared for you!

1. The Exorcist

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It is simply impossible to talk about good horror films without mentioning the work directed by William Friedkin that has been scaring countless viewers since 1973. With several very graphic situations about demonic possession, The Exorcist is a classic among horror films.

You can watch it on streaming services, like iTunes and Locke.

2. Run!

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One of the biggest hits when it comes to horror movies, Run! it has 98% approval among the specialized critics. The film discusses the racial agenda in an innovative way, drawing attention to the phenomenal work done by Jordan Peele.

Run! is available on Netflix. Do you want to know which other horror films are present in the catalog of the streaming platform? Check out our horror list on Netflix.

3. Host

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What could happen when a group of friends decides to have a virtual spiritist session? Clearly, things don’t go very well. Host it perfectly combines the sensation of horror at a distance with technological attributes, making it even more fearful because it seems so real.

If you thought that only old films make up our list of best horror films, know that not! Host was launched in 2020 and is already among our recommendations. Discover the best 2020 horror releases on our website.

4. Psychosis

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Did you know that this is considered the best horror movie of all time, according to expert critics? Psychosis it is directed by Alfred Hitchcock and has a 96% approval rating, being considered a masterpiece of its kind.

Launched in 1961, Psychosis is taken with reference and can be watched on Telecine Play.

5. The Shining

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Stephen King surpassed his legacy as a king of terror in literature from the moment his book, The illuminated, was adapted for the cinema and immediately became a classic.

It is an extremely sensory film, capable of exploring human emotions to the fullest. You can watch The illuminated through HBO Go.

6. A Quiet Place

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Another film that joins our list of best horror films for offering a different script than we have seen in the genre. Here, any sound can be dangerous, leading us to imagine what it would be like to live in a reality whose principle of survival is not to speak.

The film was nominated for several awards, such as the Golden Globe, attesting to the quality of this production that unites drama, terror and dystopia in an impressive way.

7. Zombie Invasion

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In this South Korean film, we see the best when it comes to a zombie production: the drama and tension faced by a father who is traveling by train with his daughter when the apocalypse begins.

Feelings are on edge, both those of the characters and those of the audience itself.

8. Alien

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Another example of how science fiction and terror can go hand in hand and result in a timeless work. Ridley Scott’s film was released in 1979 and proved to be a pioneer in presenting interstellar adventures and the relationship between humans and the unknown.

With all this merit, it would be impossible to leave it out of the list of best horror films!

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