The 6 worst series finals according to fans


Depth and development of scripts are essential during the course of a series, but of no avail if the conclusion of the final chapter is not rewarding. As much as a franchise builds several beautiful seasons, the minimum expected by longtime fans is an outcome consistent with what has been presented over the years.

On the other hand, the pressure to deliver results quickly can be enough to ruin any director’s planning. So, to relive some of those big failures, Minha Série prepared a list of the 6 series finals most hated by fans.

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6. Chuck

(Source: NBC / Reproduction)(Source: NBC / Reproduction)Source: NBC / Reproduction

After years of following the romance between the protagonists Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) and Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski), some fans were not at all happy with the unfolding NBC comedy / espionage plot, Chuck. In the last season, Walker suddenly loses his memory and ends up forgetting his love for the spy.

Finally, the writers decided to end the series on an ambiguous note, making it impossible to know the outcome of the novel.

5. Two And A Half Men

(Source: CBS / Reproduction)(Source: CBS / Reproduction)Source: CBS / Reproduction

The sudden death of the character Charlie Harper after the departure of actor Charlie Sheen from Two And A Half Men it is certainly not one of the most pleasant memories for fans of the series.

The protagonist was soon replaced by actor Ashton Kutcher in the role of millionaire Walden Schmidt during the last few seasons, which had not been well regarded by viewers of the series.

To top it off, the last few seconds of the show bring Charlie Harper back to life only to kill him crushed by a piano while creator Chuck Lorre shouts in the background “winning!”, In reference to his backstage fights with Sheen.

4. Dexter

(Source: CBS / Reproduction)(Source: CBS / Reproduction)Source: CBS / Reproduction

The impressive and engaging start of Dexter it was one of the reasons that made so many people fall in love with the production of CBS, however the final stretch of the series left something to be desired.

By killing Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) without any ceremony, the last episode ended with serial killer Dexter (Michael C. Hall) sailing his boat to the eye of a storm, possibly dying soon after.

And, as if that outcome wasn’t bad enough, the post-credit scene shows the protagonist alive and working as a lumberjack somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

3. Lost

(Source: ABC / Reproduction)(Source: ABC / Reproduction)Source: ABC / Reproduction

Yes, that’s right, everything you’ve watched over the six seasons of Lost it is just a huge lie. After garnering several followers with its mysterious television plot, the series seemed to lose strength in season 4 and so it was just failure after failure.

In the end, the entire script of the series was summed up in a kind of dream / doomsday in purgatory, invalidating all events and generating a lot of anger in the fans.

two. How I Met Your Mother

(Source: CBS / Reproduction)(Source: CBS / Reproduction)Source: CBS / Reproduction

The sons of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) sat on a couch for nine seasons How I Met Your Mother hoping to find out how his father had met his mother, however they heard hours of the protagonist talking about “Aunt” Robin (Cobie Smulders).

By causing the divorce between Robin and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), killing the character of “Mother” (Cristin Milioti) and forcing a reunion between Ted and Robin, the CBS producers fueled the ire of several fans of the show.

1. game of Thrones

(Source: HBO / Reproduction)(Source: HBO / Reproduction)Source: HBO / Reproduction

The accelerated end of game of Thrones is the main reason why one of the most exciting series in recent years is ranked first in the list of final series most hated by fans.

After years dedicated to building the complexity of the characters in a very interesting universe, HBO decided to put its foot on the gas, turn Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) into a crazy queen and end with a confusing plot.

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