The 20 best Netflix original series you shouldn’t miss

Netflix is ​​full of quality series and has convinced the general public to become the number 1 SVOD platform in the world thanks to a catalog rich in original productions. Here we offer you our selection of 20 series available on the service that we believe is worth a look.

netflix best series

Are you a Netflix subscriber, but lacking ideas for the next series to watch? It must be said that the catalog is bloated and that it can be difficult to make a choice. We ourselves are large consumers of the content offered by the SVOD service to the editorial staff, we have concocted a house selection of the series not to be missed, focusing on original productions, which are, as for Disney +, the main added value of Netflix. Of course, it is above all a question of taste and we have tried to comb through several genres so that everyone can find what they are looking for. We wanted to limit ourselves to 20 works so as not to fall into the trap of simply listing all the available series. Thus, we must really make choices, take risks, rule out series that are nevertheless promising. But nothing prevents you in the comments from offering us an original Netflix series that has particularly marked you! In the meantime, here are our 20 favorites.

Stranger Things

According to Netflix communications, Stranger Things is one of its most popular original series. The gang of kids from the 80s who are followers of Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games and who face terrifying threats manage to please several generations of spectators. Millie Bobby Brown’s fantastic appearance, eighties vibe, splendid photography and acting talent make her a must-see show on the platform. Season 3 has managed to reignite interest in the series by reinventing itself and we are looking forward to the fourth season.

House of Cards

House of Cards has very clearly helped make Netflix what it is today. The first original production of the platform struck very hard with this fiction which immerses us behind the scenes of American political life, its low blows, its stakes, its betrayals… The character of Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey has no limits and is ready to everything to access the White House. The series is over, so you can binge-watcher it with the confidence of knowing the end. House of Cards is gripping, and now is the best time to take advantage of it right after the US presidential election.

Orange is the New Black

It doesn’t have exactly the same aura as House of Cards, but Orange is the New Black is also one of the first series to be produced directly by Netflix and will have lasted eight seasons. We must admit that the quality of these is not always equal, with a few mistakes along the way, but Orange is the New Black is generally very interesting. We enter the daily life of inmates in a women’s prison in the USA. Gang wars, racial tensions, homosexuality, prison violence, and even political issues are all elements treated brilliantly.

13 Reasons Why

It is perhaps the original Netflix series that has the most shocked and in the headlines so far. Adapted from a novel by Jay Asher, the show tells the story of the suicide of an American high school student, and the repercussions on those around her. She is a reminder of how cruel and difficult the life of a young person can be at this age, but manages not to fall into too much clichés by making her characters more complex as the seasons go by. We can all the same regret a scenario which seems to be lost in season 2 and 3 after an exceptional first season which offered a brilliant conclusion to the story of Hannah Baker. The final season 4 manages to raise the bar so as not to end on a note of frustration.

Black mirror

Is it cheating to incorporate the Black Mirror cult into this selection? Perhaps slightly, since it is basically a production of the British channel Channel 4, which then came under Netflix from season 3. But the temptation was too great to talk to you. of this dystopian series that raised many questions about the future of our technological society. Each episode is a stand-alone, that is to say an independent story, where an abuse allowed by technology is generally denounced. Black Mirror portrays a future of humanity which wants to be pessimistic, but realistic. Several episodes describe situations that are becoming real, such as the excellent “Freefall”, the first episode of season 3, in which the world and people are governed by a rating system. What is happening in China on a large scale. Impossible to miss. Black Mirror has also made a lot of talk with “Bandersnatch”, an interactive episode based on the principle of books in which you are the hero and multi-branch video games. The series has 5 seasons, and we have little news from the sixth.

The OA

The OA is a UFO on Netflix and surprised everyone when it was released. The series features elements of science fiction, fantasy, and the supernatural at the same time. A thriller that keeps us in suspense over the episodes without ever tiring and leaving us with a few questions. The style is unique, it’s the kind of series “we love it or we hate it, but that leaves no one indifferent”. Give it a chance, if you hang on, The OA might become one of your favorite series. Unfortunately, only two seasons are offered to us.


If you’re looking for a great crime drama that combines sex, betrayal, manipulation, and great moments of pleading during bitter legal battles, Murder might be for you. The star of this show produced by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy) is none other than the excellent Viola Davis, rewarded by an Emmy Award for best actress for her interpretation of Annalise Keating, professor of criminal law and formidable lawyer ready to do anything to win every case. The rest of the cast is not unworthy, however, including Alfred Enoch (whom you have seen throughout the Harry Potter saga).

La Casa de Papel

Yes, we are (still) cheating a bit. La Casa de Papel is a series created for the Spanish channel Antena 3. Netflix bought the rights to the series after the first season (which was split into two seasons by the SVOD platform, which also shortened the episodes). The show becomes an original Netflix production from season 3. We are currently waiting for season 5. Some people blame the series for a Prison Break syndrome, that is to say a very good season 1 followed by seasons that were not not planned and less well made. But La Casa de Papel remains a very good entertainment with endearing characters and constant suspense and is already establishing itself as a reference in pop culture.

Love, Death & Robots

Do you like dystopias and science fiction? The excesses of robotics and technology? The gore, the violence and the fear all served by a chiadée animation? Love, Death & Robots is for you! This anthology, awarded 5 Emmy Awards, was produced and developed by Mr. David Fincher himself, who is none other than the creator of the excellent House of Cards series. If some episodes are obviously less good than others, the series amazes by its bewildering diversity, between metaphysical reflection, parody and acid sketches, and moments of intense action worthy of the greatest blockbusters. In addition, animation fans will be in heaven, with a diametrically different graphic style between each episode. A little wonder to be consumed without moderation this time.

The Witcher

“Toss a coin to your Witcher, O ‘Valley of Plenty”. Dandelion’s song remains in the lead, the series as a whole maybe a little less so for now. The challenge was daredevil: to adapt in series a universe already well known by the video games The Witcher and the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski and adored by many fans. Season 1, criticized for its rhythm and its editing (with these temporal comings and goings), laid the foundations of the story and presented most of the important characters (Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri…). We hope that this will serve to propel season 2 on the right track, because the atmosphere of The Witcher is rather well transcribed and we can see a lot of potential in this series. Note that Netflix is ​​preparing in parallel an animated film based on the universe of The Witcher, a license that it seems will be widely exploited by the SVOD service over the next few years.


Unfortunately, we do not have a French Netflix original series to include in this selection, we were not convinced by any of them. We then fall back on the Dark series of our German neighbors. This thriller is incredibly well put together : suspense, secrets, false leads, twists and turns… fans of the genre will be delighted, and the others might even succumb as the rendering is solid. Season 3 marked the end of this excellent series.

Emily in Paris

We expect this choice to be heavily criticized in our sympathetic comments section, but give us a chance to argue it out. Admittedly, the vision of Paris returned by the series is quite far from reality. Its creator Darren Star is used to the fact, he had already shared with us a fantasized point of view of New York in Sex and the City. But it remains very interesting to see the clichés that the rest of the world can continue to have in Paris. And the opposition of French-English languages is treated quite funny when you have already experienced such moments yourself. To fully appreciate the series, you have to actually watch it with a foreigner, either who lives in France and can compare his personal experience on his arrival in the country to that of Emily, or who does not know France to explain to her what is realistic or not in the series. And finally, seeing Paris in such a beautiful light is rather joyful, too bad if it does not match what we can experience on a daily basis. Let us not forget that this is a fiction, not a documentary.


Do you prefer well-crafted miniseries to series that drag on and pull too much? Then Godless might please you. Equipped with 7 episodes, the show plunges us back into a western vibe that we see less and less on our screens these days. At the helm, the duo Steven Soderbergh and Scott Frank, two decades earlier behind the hit film “Out of reach”. Fans of the Downtown Abbey series will also have the pleasure of meeting Michelle Dockery, known for her role as Lady Mary Crawley, in the cast. But this time, his character knows how to handle the rifle.

Umbrella Academy

Worn by the actors Ellen Page (Inception, X-Men), Robert Michael Sheehan (Misfits) or even Tom Hopper (Black Sails, Merlin), Umbrella Academy has not left its audience indifferent, and it is now your turn to let yourself be surprised by this series of superheroes by like the others adapted from the comic book of the same name. Far from adopting the codes of the genre, Umbrella Academy manages to differentiate itself and show deeper than what we are used to seeing when dealing with superheroes. Refreshing.

The Crown

We were already advising you to watch The Crown in our selection of Netflix series to watch in November 2020 following the release of season 4, we are covering it up here. This fictitious immersion in the life of the British royal family hits the mark, between magnificent sets, relevant actors and a story that can be followed without being picked up. The cast is impressive with an Olivia Colman that we find definitely everywhere as soon as we talk about good productions across the Channel, the incredible Helena Bonham Carter (Fight Club, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, and more recently Enola Holmes) or Claire Foy (Millennium), who convincingly portrays Elizabeth II young. For season 5, which will conclude the series, the third Elizabeth II will be played by Imelda Staunton, who also plays Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter saga.

Sex Education

The British comedy drama has won over many viewers for its way of dealing with questions about sex. The pitch: Otis, a very insecure and shy teenager, has a lot of knowledge about sex thanks to his mother who is a sex therapist. The eccentric and rebellious Maeve then convinces him to open his own incognito therapy center within their school.


Narcos not only traces the journey of famous Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, but also that of the Medellín cartel. For two seasons, we immerse ourselves in the war of the cartels and the manhunt led by the authorities, with a masterful management of the suspense. Season 3 then presents other issues, then ends the series. Which is currently reliving through the spin-off “Narcos: Mexico”, which is in its second season.

Sense 8

Sense 8 is the story of eight people around the world who find themselves connected through thought and more. Even if they are physically distant, they learn to live with each other, to face many challenges together and to love each other. The sisters Lana and Lilly Wachowski (Matrix, V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas) offer us here a moving story, supported by a high quality production, with strong messages about sexual identity and orientation. The series’ cancellation after only two seasons and with no real ending left fans in shock, a final 2 hour episode finally brought this touching and gripping series to a close.

Marvel’s Daredevil

Forget the bad Daredevil movie with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and Colin Farell, the Netflix series has a cast with less pompous names, but is a masterpiece compared to the feature film. The blind superhero, lawyer by day, is very well transcribed and is sublimated by the presence of charismatic villains that do not leave indifferent. Unfortunately, the series ends in season 3. Frustrating with so much potential. If you liked it, then you can move on to other Marvel series produced for Netflix. We find them below Daredevil, but Jessica Jones and The Punisher are good entertainment in the genre as well, while Luke Cage has been a little less spoiled.


David Fincher was so far better known for his filmography (Fight Club, Zodiac, Seven, The Social Network…) than for series, but he started a shift on Netflix, and not without success. After House of Cards, it is with Mindhunter that he treats us. The plot of this psychological thriller is set in the 70s. On the program: epic interrogation scenes between FBI agents and serial killers. In order to improve their criminal profiling skills and gain insight into the way of thinking of these serial killers, the first agents will do everything to get into their heads. Two seasons are available, and while the series is not officially canceled, recent comments from David Fincher leave little room for a season 3.

You’ve got plenty to do with this pick of 20 Netflix Original Series You Should Give A Chance. And if nothing really tempts you, you can check out Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, OCS, or Apple TV + if the grass isn’t greener and the content doesn’t suit you better. Note that “The Lady’s Game”, season 1 of which received very positive reviews and critics, has not been integrated because we simply haven’t had time to watch it yet! It may make an appearance in a future update of this article. But for now, it’s up to you to share your favorite original Netflix series in the comments.

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