The 15 best Netflix docuseries to watch

A Netflix has a very wide catalog of options for series. Among them, there are many documentary seriesan absolutely fascinating genre that is increasingly explored by streaming platforms. The truth is, most of us love watching real stories from people and cultures different from our own.

Below, we have prepared a list of 15 indications that are certainly on the list of best series documentaries for you to watch na Netflix.

1. High Score

Are you from the generation that played Atari, Master System and Mega Drive? Or maybe even frequented the late arcades to play in arcades? Then this doc series is for you: High Score. This work tells, in six episodes, the trajectory of pioneer creators and manufacturers in video games. Fun is right for gamers of all generations.

2. The Tiger Mafia

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The Tiger Mafia is a hit on Netflix because of the bizarreness of the story. It shows the life of Joe Exotic, a very eccentric man who owns a zoo in the United States.

But her “cat empire” is put at risk by Carole Baskin, an animal protector whose activism threatens her business. THE series documentary is addictive, as it mixes a comic side with a police touch and is already in its second season.

3. final pitch

This documentary miniseries, produced by ESPN Films and distributed by Netflix, talks about the golden age of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the 1990s, when Michael Jordan, in front of the Chicago Bulls team, became the greatest sporting symbol in the world.

The good impact of final pitch is due to the fact that the work makes a great portrayal of the importance of basketball in popular culture, in addition to stimulating nostalgia for that time.

4. Making a Murderer

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Making a Murderer shows, in 10 episodes, the life of Steven Avery, a guy from Wisconsin (United States) who spent 18 years in prison on a rape charge. However, the case generated a lot of repercussion when an examination of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) cleared him, and he was released.

Freed, Avery ends up becoming a suspect again in a crime, the murder of a photographer. Faced with this, he is again taken to the dock. Making a Murderer then turns to the workings of the American judicial system itself. An unmissable work.

5. Talking to a Serial Killer: Ted Bundy

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This four-episode documentary miniseries seeks to unravel the mind of one of the most famous American serial killers: Ted Bundy (1946-1989). He was an assassin who created a kind of cult around him. Part of the impact of Talking to a Serial Killer: Ted Bundy is in the fact that the series is assembled from recordings made with the criminal, as well as images and news about the repercussion of his actions. In total, Bundy confessed to 30 murders, but the number is believed to have been much higher.

6. How to become a tyrant

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How to become a tyrant is, in fact, an in-depth investigation that tries to answer a difficult question: what makes someone become an authoritarian leader? How do people like that manage to come to power? The series investigates this question from the dictators Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Saddam Hussein. To completeHow to become a tyrant narrated by actor Peter Dinklage, famous for playing Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones.

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7. The DNA of Justice

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That series it was called by critic Brian Tallerico “one of the best true-crime stories ever made”. That’s because she shies away from any sensationalism that could be associated with this genre.

within the line of Making a Murderer, The DNA of Justice portrays the failures of the American judicial system, based on The Innocence Project, a group that unites to face wrongful convictions and has representatives even in Brazil.

8. Abstract: The Art of Design

Netflix also has space for lighter documentary series, with a cultural approach. In the two available seasons of Abstract: The Art of Design, we can take a walk in different areas of Design, such as typographic and toy design, clothing, scenography, illustration, etc. It is a series designed not only for professionals, but for everyone who is interested in art.

9. On the dirty money route

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Where is corruption concentrated? If you think the right answer is “in governments”, this series will help change your view. This because On the dirty money route focuses on what is called corporate corruption, that is, in private companies — although public corruption also appears.

These are stories involving bribery, money laundering, cartels, rigged bids and various other types of problems. It is a perfect series to cause anger, but also to make us more enlightened.

10. Wild wild country

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When this series was released on Netflix, in 2018, it shocked the whole world – both because of the story narrated and the main character involved. It shows how, in the 1980s, an Indian guru — the famous Osho — formed a religious community called Rajneeshpuram in Oregon (United States).

Behind a group gathered by faith, Wild wild country reveals the existence of a plot marked by power struggles, greed and the exacerbated ego of its leaders.

11. Pretend that NY is a city

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How about a series documentary about a city? And even better: directed by Martin Scorsese, one of the great masters of modern cinema? Pretend that NY is a city proposes to do, through the lens of writer Fran Lebowitz, a poetic account of the most loved and hated city in the world. It’s as delicious as almost all the movies that portray the “city that never sleeps”.

12. undocumented reality

Produced by Selena Gomez, undocumented reality is a tough series that portrays the lives of 8 immigrant families living illegally in the United States. Released in 2019, it is a direct criticism of the anti-immigration policies maintained by the Donald Trump administration.

13. The age of data — the science behind it all

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This docuseries is about an extremely current topic: how the presence of technology is interfering with our lives. The journalistic approach of the reporter Latif Nassef, specialized in Science, makes the episodes of The age of data — the science behind it all pretty clear and fun.

14. fatal prescription

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one more series documentary on a heavy but important topic. fatal prescription follows the journey of an American father against the pharmaceutical industry after losing his son in a tragic episode: he was shot at age 22 in a neighborhood known for having drug trafficking.

From there, this father (who is also a pharmacist) starts researching the opioid industry in the United States. Opiums present in drugs prescribed by doctors and which are highly addictive.

After following the increase in the sale of these drugs, the pharmacist is gradually developing a courageous investigation into the public health crisis represented by the commercialization of these substances.

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15. Rotten

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Rotten investigates fraud within the food industry — facts ranging from adulteration of honey, aggressive strategies by companies in this sector, changes in food formulas to the use of slave labor in some production lines. It serves to “open our eyes” about how that supposedly healthy food that arrives on our table might not be that healthy after all.

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