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The year began and along with it the anxiety that some new productions will soon reach the catalog of streams. There are many series expected for 2021, but here we list 10 of them that have given something to talk about since they were announced. Check out synopses, curiosities and the dates foreseen for each one.

Tribes of Europa (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Most anticipated series in 2021

1. Foundation [Apple TV+]

Adaptation of a classic sci-fi trilogy written by Isaac Asimov, Foundation will arrive in 2021 on Apple TV +. Its history accompanies the creation of two Foundations at opposite points of the Galaxy, made for its inhabitants to develop an Encyclopedia with all human knowledge. The series will feature 10 episodes in the first season and has already had a teaser released.

  • Creation: David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman
  • Cast: Jared Harris, Lee Pace and Lou Llobell

2. Loki [Disney+]

MCU Character, Loki will win its own show in May at Disney +. The series takes place shortly after the events of Avengers: Endgame and shows the character in possession of the Tesseract, traveling through different moments in history and facing powerful enemies.

  • Creation: Michael Waldron
  • Cast: Tom Hiddleston

3. The Book of Boba Fett [Disney+]

The 10 most anticipated series in 2021 in the streaming / Instagram Disney / Disclosure

The Book of Boba Fett (Image: Disclosure / Instagram Disney)

Announced in a post-credit scene of The Mandalorian (of which the series is a spin-off), The Book of Boba Fett is one of the big bets at Disney +. Scheduled for December, it shows the adventures experienced by the famous bounty hunter from the universe of Star Wars.

  • Creation: Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni
  • Cast: Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen

4. Ms. Marvel [Disney+]

Still no set date, but expected to arrive in 2021 at Disney +, Ms. Marvel will take the superhero from the comics to the small screens. The Marvel character is a Muslim teenager who lives in New Jersey and gains transmutation powers. In addition to the series, she will also appear in the film Captain Marvel 2.

  • Creation: Bisha K. Ali
  • Cast: Iman Vellani

5. What if…? [Disney+]

Marvel Universe Animation, What if…? will have independent episodes, each showing possible alternative MCU stories that we already know. Scheduled to launch on Disney + for the summer of 2021 (between June and August here in Brazil), the first season will feature 10 episodes.

  • Creation: Ashley C. Bradley
  • Cast: Jeffrey Wright and Hayley Atwell (voices)

6. Shadow and Bones [Netflix]

Inspired by the trilogy Grisha, Sombra e Ossos (same title as the first book in the series) arrives on Netflix in April. The adaptation takes place in a dystopian world of war, in which the protagonist, an orphan who works as a cartographer for her regiment, discovers she has magical powers.

  • Creation: Eric Heisserer and Others
  • Cast: Jessie Mei Li and Freddy Carter

7. Tribes of Europa [Netflix]

Science fiction series from the same producers of Dark, Tribes of Europa opens on February 19 on Netflix. In 1974, after a global catastrophe divided Europe into microstates, tribes of survivors struggle for power. In this scenario, three brothers encounter a mysterious cube that can change the ongoing story.

  • Creation: Philip Koch
  • Cast: Henriette Confurius and Oliver Masucci

8. Friends Forever [Netflix]

Based on a novel of the same name, Friends Forever has Katherine Heigl (the eternal Izzie of Gray’s Anatomy) and Sarah Chalke as protagonists. Released for February 3, its plot follows the story of three decades of friendship between a shy girl and another popular girl from high school.

  • Creation: Maggie Friedman
  • Cast: Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke

9. Ginny & Georgia [Netflix]

The 10 most anticipated series in 2021 in the streaming / Netflix / Disclosure

Ginny & Georgia (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Appointed as the new Gilmore Girls, Ginny & Georgia is Netflix’s bet to launch on February 24th. In production, a 30-year-old mother is confronted by the ghosts of her past when she moves with her two children – a little boy and a 15-year-old teenager – to a new city.

  • Creation: Debra J. Fisher
  • Cast: Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry

10. Gossip Girl [HBO Max]

The 10 most anticipated series in 2021 in the streamings / HBO Max / Disclosure

Gossip Girl (Image: Disclosure / HBO Max)

Eight years after the original show, the new version of gossip Girl it also arrives in 2021 on the small screens. Launched by HBO Max (streaming not yet available in the country, but scheduled to land here during the year), its story follows a new group of wealthy teenagers on the Upper East Side.

  • Creation: Joshua Safran
  • Cast: Emily Alyn Lind, Adam Chanler-Berat and Tavi Gevinson

What are your expectations for the most anticipated 2021 series in the streamings? What won’t you miss for anything?

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