The 10 best romantic comedy films

One of the best requests to enjoy with your love is a good movie or series. In most situations, romantic comedies can be a good option for laughing and, at the same time, keeping the mood of romance in the air.

In case you are looking for some good options, we list below some romantic comedy films, some of which have already appeared in the list of films of the genre best evaluated by the specialized critic.

1. Ten Things I Hate About You

Launch: 1999

(Source: Touchstone Pictures / Disclosure)Source: Touchstone Pictures

10 Things I Hate About You is based on The Tamed Shrew, by William Shakespeare. It tells the story of two totally different sisters: Bianca and Kat, the first being a more popular style and the other is a little rebellious.

Bianca is eager to date, but her father will not allow this to happen until Kat does the same. It is at this moment that the misfit Patrick comes in, who needs to do everything to win the most rebellious girl.

2. Sick of Love

Launch: 2017

(Source: Califórnia Filmes / Disclosure)(Source: Califórnia Filmes / Disclosure)Source: California Movies

Following the logic of romantic comedies (a couple that finds a big impediment on the way, but ends up staying together in the end), here we see Kumail and Emily trying to start a relationship that comes up against cultural issues, since he is Pakistani and she is American. However, that changes when she contracts a mysterious illness and falls into a coma.

3. As If It Was the First Time

Launch: 2004

(Source: Columbia Pictures / Disclosure)(Source: Columbia Pictures / Disclosure)Source: Columbia Pictures

Veterinarian Henry (played by Adam Sandler) falls in love with Lucy, but discovers that she suffers from short-term memory. This makes her quickly forget things that happened recently, forcing the flirt to win her over every day.

4. A love to remember

Launch: 2003

(Source: Warner Bros. / Disclosure)(Source: Warner Bros. / Disclosure)Source: Warner Bros.

In the 1990s, a young man named Landon is punished for playing a game and being forced to participate in a play at school. It is in this punishment that he meets Jamie, a young woman he falls in love with, but she ends up trying to dodge the boy’s advances for a while.

5. A place called Notting Hill

Launch: 1999

(Source: Polygram / Disclosure)(Source: Polygram / Disclosure)Source: Polygram

Will (Hugh Grant) has a bookstore with several travel guides, but sees his life changed with the visit of movie star Anna Scott (Julia Roberts). From then on, a funny and full of twists relationship begins, with the right to the presence of one of the famous tracks most remembered by many couples to date (She).

6. Lisbela and the Prisoner

Launch: 2003

(Source: 20th Century Studios / Disclosure)(Source: 20th Century Studios / Disclosure)Source: 20th Century Studios

Starring Débora Falabella and Selton Mello, the film shows Lisbela engaging a romance with Leléu. His profiles are quite different, since she is a dreamer and he is a conquering trickster, but they fall in love – which creates several problems for both sides until, at last, they find the happy ending.

7. Suddenly 30

Launch: 2004

(Source: Sony Pictures / Disclosure)(Source: Sony Pictures / Disclosure)Source: Sony Pictures

Jenna is a girl who is not happy with her age and ends up wishing, on her 13th birthday, to be 30 years old. However, what she did not expect is that this would actually happen, taking her to a reality for which she was not fully prepared and bringing along a feeling of love for a childhood friend.

8. A beautiful woman

Launch: nineteen ninety

(Source: Touchstone Pictures / Disclosure)(Source: Touchstone Pictures / Disclosure)Source: Touchstone Pictures

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts star in one of the films most remembered by several fans of the genre. The formula of a tycoon falling in love with a call girl has given rise to a sophisticated couple, as she needs to transform to accompany him in business meetings. In the end, what should be just a period of work turns into a beautiful love story.

9. Maybe A Love Story

Launch: 2018

(Source: Warner Bros. / Disclosure)(Source: Warner Bros. / Disclosure)Source: Warner Bros.

Another Brazilian film on our list. Here, Virgílio (played by Mateus Solano) comes home after a day of work and finds a message from Clara (Thaila Ayala), saying that their relationship was over. However, he does not know who the woman is, even though everyone who lives around him has an idea that they had a relationship, initiating a search that serves as the guiding line for this romance.

10. The 40 Year Old Virgin

Launch: 2005

(Source: Universal Studios / Disclosure)(Source: Universal Studios / Disclosure)Source: Universal Studios

Andy is a 40-year-old man well settled in several fields of life, but with one detail: he is still a virgin. Although he doesn’t care much about it, his friends decide to change this situation by trying to unite him with Trish, a single mother who is also the same age.

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