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There is no doubt that many original Netflix series have been successful among the public. The critics, however, also have their productions dear to the platform and here you can check the list of the 10 best original Netflix series according to Rotten Tomatoes. All with 100% approval, but which were ranked in the preferred order of the specialized media in their list of best streaming shows.

Top 10 original Netflix series [crítica]

1. Master of None

The 10 best original Netflix series by critics / Netflix / Disclosure

Master of None (Image: Press Release / Netflix)

Emmy, Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Television Award winner, Master of None is co-created and starring Aziz Ansari. With a sharp text, the comedy accompanies an actor in his 30s who tries to give a direction in his professional life, while dealing with his love life and his Indian origins.

  • Creation: Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang
  • Year: 2015
  • Episodes: 20 (2 seasons)
  • Cast: Aziz Ansari

2. The Queen’s Gambit

Most watched series across Netflix, The Queen’s Gambit is inspired by a book of the same name. Its plot shows the steps of an orphan who learns to play chess in the orphanage in which she lives and traces a path of ascension in the professional world of the game.

  • Creation: Scott Frank and Allan Scott
  • Year: 2020
  • Episodes: 7 (1 season)
  • Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy

3. The Baby-Sitters Club

The 10 best original Netflix series by critics / Netflix / Disclosure

The Baby-Sitters Club (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Based on a series of eponymous books, The Baby-Sitters Club has already been renewed for its second season. The teen series follows a group of friends in their early teens who, in addition to the personal dramas characteristic of their age, create and manage a nanny agency together.

  • Creation: Rachel Shukert
  • Year: 2020
  • Episodes: 10 (1 season)
  • Cast: Momona Tamada, Malia Baker and Shay Rudolph

4. Feel Good

The 10 best original Netflix series by critics / Netflix / Disclosure

Feel Good (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

British production, Feel Good is created and starring Mae Martin. The show follows a comedian in the process of recovering from drug addiction, who throws himself headlong into a relationship with a woman who has always identified herself as heterosexual.

  • Creation: Mae Martin
  • Year: 2020
  • Episodes: 6 (1 season)
  • Cast: Mae Martin, Charlotte Ritchie and Lisa Kudrow

5. Ugly Delicious

Starring renowned chef David Chang, Ugly Delicious is also among the best original Netflix series! In production, in different parts of the world, David presents his friends with dishes that are not so beautiful, but quite delicious, and that tell stories about cultures, people and places.

  • Creation: David Chang
  • Year: 2018
  • Episodes: 12 (2 seasons)
  • Cast: David Chang

6. Giri / Haji

British police series spoken in English and Japanese, Giri / Haji is from the same Chernobyl producers. His story follows a Japanese detective who goes to London in search of his brother, who until then was presumed dead, when he discovers that he has had a fight with Yakuza.

  • Creation: Joe Barton
  • Year: 2019
  • Episodes: 8 (1 season)
  • Cast: Takehiro Hira and Yōsuke Kubozuka

7. Immigration Nation

The 10 best original Netflix series by critics / Netflix / Disclosure

Immigration Nation (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Recorded between 2017 and 2020, Immigration Nation is a documentary mini-series about the drama experienced by illegal immigrants in the USA. Focusing on the backstage of the American Immigration Service, it shows how the service’s seizures and deportations work, as well as the cruelty of its system.

  • Direction: Christina Clusiau and Shaul Schwarz
  • Year: 2020
  • Episodes: 6 (1 season)

8. On the Dirty Money Route

The 10 best original Netflix series by critics / Netflix / Disclosure

On the Dirty Money Route (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

With independent episodes, On the Dirty Money Route is another documentary series of the platform. The production exposes corporate corruptions involving famous people and companies, and dedicates one of its episodes to Donald Trump’s nebulous real estate career.

  • Creation: Alex Gibney
  • Year: 2018
  • Episodes: 12 (2 seasons)

9. The Confessed Killer

On the Dirty Money Route (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

The Confessed Killer (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Documentary mini-series, The Confessed Killer focuses on the story of Henry Lee Lucas, serial killer who admitted the murder of more than 300 people. Archival footage and depositions show his “stardom” during his arrest and put his confessions in check.

  • Direction: Robert Kenner and Taki Oldham
  • Year: 2019
  • Episodes: 5 (1 season)

10. Lenox Hill

On the Dirty Money Route (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Lenox Hill (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Perfect for those who like medical series, Lenox hill accompanies four real doctors, of different specialties, who work at the renowned hospital of the same name on the Upper East Side. The series shows the challenges he faced and the difficulty of reconciling his personal and professional life.

  • Creation: Adi Barash and Ruthie Shatz
  • Year: 2020
  • Episodes: 9 (1 season)
  • Cast: David Langer, John Boockvar, Mirtha Macri and Amanda Little-Richardson

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Data collected on 11/25/2020. With information: Rotten Tomatoes.

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