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Globoplay has invested more and more in its own productions and here we rank the 10 best series of the platform according to the public, for those who are looking for what to marathon. In this list, we take into account only the IMDb notes and the original streaming productions. Check out!

Desalma (Image: Gshow / Disclosure)

10 best Globoplay series [fãs]

1. The Five – Note: 8.9

Spin-off Workout: Live the Difference, The Five takes place six years after the original program. Its plot follows the reunion of the friends Keyla, Ellen, Lica, Tina and Benê, the rescue of their friendship, and the dramas and happiness experienced by each one in the beginning of adulthood.

  • Creation: Burger
  • Year: 2020
  • Episodes: 7 (1 season)
  • Cast: Ana Hikari, Daphne Bozaski, Gabriela Medvedovski, Heslaine Vieira, Manoela Aliperti

2. Therapy Session – Note: 8.4

With three seasons launched between 2012 and 2014, Therapy Session was revived in 2019 by Globoplay. The production shows the stories of a therapist’s patients – attended by him on different days of the week – and the sessions he himself undergoes with his supervisor.

  • Direction: Selton Mello
  • Year: 2012
  • Episodes: 150 (4 seasons)
  • Cast: Selton Mello, Zé Carlos Machado and Maria Fernanda Candido

3. All Women in the World – Note: 8.4

Inspired by the work of Domingos de Oliveira, All Women in the World has Affectionate on its soundtrack, featuring a different version of the song for each episode. The series revolves around Paulo, a man who loves freedom and women, and each chapter is related to a different character.

  • Creation: Jorge Furtado and Janaína Fischer
  • Year: 2020
  • Episodes: 12 (1 season)
  • Cast: Emílio Dantas and Sophie Charlotte

4. Shippados – Note: 7.8

Co-created by Fernanda Young, Shippados has Los Hermanos on your soundtrack. The series begins when Rita, after another frustrating encounter with a relationship app, meets Enzo, a young man who is in the same situation and seems to have a lot in common with her.

  • Creation: Alexandre Machado and Fernanda Young
  • Year: 2019
  • Episodes: 12 (1 season)
  • Cast: Tatá Werneck and Eduardo Sterblitch

5. Harassment – Note: 7.7

Freely inspired by a book by Vicente Vilardaga, Assédio accompanies a journalist who gives voice to a group of sexually abused women. Victims of a fertilization specialist, they decide to unite and speak out after one of them breaks the silence.

  • Creation: Maria Camargo
  • Year: 2018
  • Episodes: 10 (1 season)
  • Cast: Antonio Calloni, Adriana Esteves and Paolla Oliveir

6. Renegade Archangel – Note: 7.5

Already with its second season confirmed, Archangel Renegado was the Globoplay series with the highest audience in its debut. With the head of the BOPE team as protagonist, the production shows the developments that occur in his life after he participated in an operation that ends in tragedy.

  • Creation: José Júnior
  • Year: 2020
  • Episodes: 10 (1 season)
  • Cast: Marcello Melo Jr. and Álamo Facó

7. The Division – Note: 7.5

Set in Rio de Janeiro in the late 90s, The Division is also considered one of the best series on Globoplay by fans. In the plot, a wave of kidnappings causes uproar among the population, and two controversial agents are called to head the Rio de Janeiro Anti-kidnapping Division

  • Direction: Vicente Amorim and Rodrigo Monte
  • Year: 2019
  • Episodes: 10 (2 seasons)
  • Cast: Erom Cordeiro and Silvio Guindane

8. Desalma – Note: 7.2

Suspense and witchcraft appear in Desalma, a series acclaimed at the Berlin Festival. In the fictional city of Brígida, thirty years after the disappearance of a young woman, the population decides to resume a pagan celebration that has since been banned from the community.

  • Creation: Ana Paula Maia
  • Year: 2020
  • Episodes: 10 (1 season)
  • Cast: Cássia Kis, Cláudia Abreu and Maria Ribeiro

9. Ferro Island – Note: 7

Canceled after two seasons, Ilha de Ferro takes place in an unconventional environment: an oil platform. In the series, the oil tanker Dante goes through dangers and competitions at work, while dealing with difficult issues in his personal life.

  • Creation: Max Mallmann and Adriana Lunardi
  • Year: 2018
  • Episodes: 22 (2 seasons)
  • Cast: Cauã Reymond and Eriberto Leão

10. Aruanas – Note: 6.9

With a second season confirmed, Aruanas was recorded in Amazonas. Its story takes place in the city of Cari, where a complaint leads the leaders of an NGO to investigate various environmental crimes linked to a mining company.

  • Creation: Estela Renner and Marcos Nisti
  • Year: 2019
  • Episodes: 10 (1 season)
  • Cast: Débora Falabella, Camila Pitanga, Leandra Leal, Taís Araújo and Thainá Duarte

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