The 10 best Christmas episodes in the series

So it’s Christmas! At this magical time of the year, the party atmosphere takes over most people. Soon, the series and series become a great way to promote even more wonderful parties. So, how about checking out our Christmas episode indications to watch this holiday?

See the 10 best Christmas episodes in the series (in no specific order):

10. The One With The Holiday Armadillo – Friends

Friends is one of the most classic series and, in all its seasons, episodes related to Christmas and Thanksgiving Day stand out. However, perhaps one of the funniest ones is Season 7, in which Ross wants to teach his son Ben about Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday equivalent to Christmas.

As all Santa Claus costumes are already rented, he dresses like an armadillo that tells the story of the two holidays. Ah … And he still meets Santa Claus and Superman on the way!

(Source: NBC / Disclosure)Source: NBC

9. Christmas Party – The Office

In addition, the series The Office it also has its own special Christmas episode. In this chapter of the NBC series, a secret friend does not go as planned and Michael tries to exchange the gift he got from Phyllis. To that end, he announces that everyone can steal each other’s gifts!

8. The Best Chrismukkah Ever – The O.C.

The Christmas special episode is not only one of the best thematic chapters of The O.C. In fact, it’s one of the best episodes in the series as a whole! The festival created by Seth Cohen is a mix of the Christian and Jewish holidays. But, certainly, the most exciting – and even a little desperate – is to see him trying to deal with the two girls he called to celebrate the holiday.

7. Symphony of Illumination – How I Met Your Mother

Another Christmas episode that could not be left out of our list is the special How I Met Your Mother. The plot twist is that the episode is not narrated by Ted, but by Robin, as she tells her supposed children the story of how they were born.

In an emotional ending, we discover that Robin cannot have children and everything was her imagination. But of course Ted couldn’t let the night end with her upset, so he prepares a special surprise in the apartment.

(Source: CBS / Disclosure)(Source: CBS / Disclosure)Source: CBS

6. White Christmas – Black Mirror

For fans of suspense and horror, White Christmas is a full plate when it comes to Christmas episodes. In this saga, two men wake up in a suspicious cabin and begin to tell the stories of their lives. When they finally reveal why they’re in the cabin, breeders Black Mirror they do what always happens: they surprise viewers.

5. The Constant – Lost

Although it has been over for years, Lost remains one of people’s favorite series. Therefore, your Christmas episode deserves a spot on the list. In The Constant, Desmond is caught in a cycle between 1996 and 2004 and recalls the promise he made to Penny, his girlfriend: he would call her on Christmas Eve.

4. A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate – Gossip Girl

In the first season, Serena and Dan exchange incredible Christmas gifts. Meanwhile, Blair is dealing with a possible pregnancy and her best friend needs to help her decide what to do next.

3. The Santa Simulation – The Big Bang Theory

Another highlight when we talk about better episodes is The Santa Simulation, from the scientific comedy The Big Bang Theory. In addition to sharing Sheldon’s always hilarious thoughts about the Christian holiday, the friends promote a themed role-playing game featuring Penny, Amy and Bernie.

(Source: CBS / Disclosure)(Source: CBS / Disclosure)Source: CBS

Peralta, Amy and the other Nine-Nine detectives also have their own Christmas episodes! In season 3, Jake forgets to buy a gift for Charles and needs to find something last minute. However, he and Gina are stuck in the middle of a burglary at the department store while Peralta lives out his dream of being a hero like in his favorite movie: Die Hard!

1. Can’t Fix Crazy – Orange Is The New Black

Finally, we have the Christmas episode of Orange is The New Black. Because it is a series that portrays the reality of women in prison, it is very interesting to see how they organize themselves despite their differences. In addition to being exciting, it is one of the most surprising episodes that marks the violent end of the first season.

So, what did you think of the list of best Christmas episodes in the series? Tell us your favorite in the comment space below and share on social networks!

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