Tesla puts pressure on customers who keep pushing back their car delivery

Tesla has started sending ultimatums to customers who have been delaying delivery of their vehicles for more than six months. If the order is not paid in full before a certain deadline, the manufacturer reserves the right to cancel it outright.

tesla ultimatum
Credit: Tesla

As you know, the current global shortage of electronic components is pushing car manufacturers to take drastic decisions like Volkswagen which has suspended production of ID.3 and ID.4, its last electric cars. Another example with Toyota which has reduced its global car production by 40%.

At Tesla, the effects of the shortage are starting to be felt. The manufacturer has chosen to deliver Model 3s without a USB port for lack of components, while production of the new Model X and Model S has been postponed to 2023. And recently, Tesla has decided to increase the price of many vehicles on all the steps. This time, Tesla has decided to go after undecided customers.

Thousands of orders still pending in the United States

Indeed and as reported by our colleagues from the specialized site Electrek, Tesla has started to send ultimatums by email to customers who postpone the delivery of their vehicle for over six months. The manufacturer asks them to make full payment for their order within a certain period of time, otherwise it will be canceled.

According to an Electrek source, we are talking about several thousand orders that are still pending, especially in the United States. In a context where the manufacture of its vehicles is more and more complicated, in particular because of this shortage of chips, Tesla wants to make sure that it produces cars for customers who want to take delivery as quickly as possible.

If you did not know, it is possible to order a Model 3 for example, without paying the full amount immediately. Tesla then asks for a deposit and considers your order pending. Only and in some cases, buyers are intentionally pushing back their orders to the United States in order to take delivery in 2022, when they can once again have access to a tax credit for their purchase.

tesla ultimatum
Credit: Tesla

Tesla puts pressure on undecided customers by email

For these multiple reasons, Tesla has therefore started sending automated messages of this type to customers who have delayed their delivery for a long time:

Hello [nom de l’acheteur], We are contacting you to offer you a final possibility to take delivery of your [modèle du véhicule] passed the [date de la commande]. When we contacted during the last delivery attempt, we asked to delay the order cancellation as you still intended to purchase the vehicle. However, our records indicate that you did not take delivery of the vehicle.

We sincerely hope that you choose to continue with your order and join Tesla in accelerating the transition to sustainable energy, but we cannot hold your order any longer if you do nothing. […] If your order remains pending at [date donnée selon la date de la prise de commande], or if your order is put on hold again, your order will be automatically canceled and your deposit will be fully refunded. We thank you for your understanding and we hope you will order a Tesla when the time comes ”, writes the builder in his email.

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