Tekken: from the worst to the best, according to critics

When the grandfather, the father and the grandson are experts in martial arts, they hate each other and, on top of that, the leadership of a powerful company is at stake, anything goes, until you create a fighting tournament.

This series is described by many as one of the best in the world of digital crap. You asked, voted and here’s the Worst to Best from the Tekken franchise. Here are our criteria, pay close attention:

  • The notes presented are based on the Metacritic note aggregator. If the title was released for more than one platform initially, we will take the notes for each version and do an arithmetic average.
  • The notes shown are from the console versions, as there are no arcade notes on the website.
  • We didn’t find the score for the first game in the franchise on Metacritic, so we did a search among the analyzes of the big game vehicles at the time of launch and we did an arithmetic average.
  • We only considered the main games in the franchise, so spin offs didn’t make it.
  • We do not consider portable console versions.
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7) Tekken 4 (2001) – 79


Lastly, we have Tekken 4, released in 2001. He was the first in the main series to be released for the PS2 and history shows that Kazuya, son of Heihachi Mishima and father of Jin Kazama, was revived after 20 years of his death and enters the fourth edition of King of Iron First tournament to get revenge on your parent.

The game brings several changes to the franchise, such as reviews and news. Some of them are interactions with obstacles and walls of the environment to cause more damage to the opponent, modifications to the engine to focus more on the scenarios, slowing down the characters’ speed, and a new graphics system with improved lights, dynamic physics and smoother surfaces. In total, 23 characters are available, six of them new.

It is still worth mentioning that the console version has a mini game beat ‘em up called Tekken Force, in which the player must defeat several hordes of Heihachi warriors for four stages until finally facing Heihachi himself.

Analysts found him uninspired and too similar to his predecessor, but ended up receiving praise for being extremely solid, accessible and having an experimental and beautiful nature. Your grade is 79.

6) Tekken 6 (2007) – 79.5


Sixth is the sixth game in the main series, Tekken 6, launched in 2007. It was the first to reach the seventh generation of consoles and not be exclusive to Sony platforms. After the end of the last game, Jin is at the head of the company Mishima Zaibatsu and uses it not only to declare independence, but also to wage war against all the nations on the planet. His father, Kazuya, who runs the G Corporation, places a prize on his son’s head, which makes Jin very angry and, in retaliation, announces a new edition of the King of Iron Fist tournament with the sole purpose of taking the beating out on your parent.

The game contains 39 characters available in the arcade version, while the console version has 41. The scenarios are bigger than their predecessors and they have parts on the floor and on the wall that break and take the fighters to new areas, the character customization was improved, with items that imply gameplay, and there is a new system, called Rage, that gives the character more damage after his life is below a certain threshold.

In addition, the game features online multiplayer through PSN and Xbox Live and a new graphics engine that focuses more on the characters’ animations and allows 60 frames per second.

As in the game mentioned above, the console versions have a special beat ‘em up mode called Scenario Campaign, which focuses on the character Lars Alexandersson, who lost his memory and joins the cyborg Alisa Bosconovitch to recover his identity and continue his mission. After finishing the first time, you can choose any character you want and play coop, but only online.

Among the compliments, we have the new additions to the squad, its mechanics, its manners, its looks, the movesets of the fighters and the Scenario Campaign, but the criticisms focused on the very long loading screens, the connection problems in the online and the lack of a local coop for the Scenario Campaign. His grade is 79.5.

5) Tekken 7 (2015) – 81.6


The latest game in the series, Tekken 7, launched in 2015, ranked fifth on our list. The first title in the franchise to be released for the eighth generation of consoles follows the events of Tekken 6, with the war caused by Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation, but focuses on the last confrontation between Kazuya and his father, Heihachi.

The game brought several new features, such as Rage Art, Power Crush, Screw hits, Rage Drive, the ability to cancel attacks with special moves and the possibility to choose which side of the screen to fight online. In total, 52 characters are available, 18 of them new. One of these newcomers is Akuma, from Street Fighter, who appears with his classic look and still has a certain importance in the campaign mode.

Even though it was initially launched for arcades, executive producer Katsuhiro Harada said in 2014 that the new title of the franchise would have as its primary platform the PlayStation 4, Sony’s recently launched console. The game was officially announced on July 13, 2014 during EVO, an annual fighting game event, but in a hurry, due to the leak of the trailer that had happened that morning.

Tekken 7 he was praised for the great amount of fighting styles, for the melodrama mix with pastel comedy, for the new mechanics, for the unforgettable characters and for the customization options, but he received criticisms related to the bad online connection, which hindered the ranked matches, and the mechanics that are not explained. Your grade is 81.6.

4) Tekken (1994) – 86.6


Fourth, let’s go to the first game in the franchise. Tekken was released in 1994 and begins with Heihachi killing his wife and throwing young Kazuya off a mountain. What he did not expect is that his son would survive and become an undefeated martial arts champion. Heihachi then founds the King of Iron Fist tournament, just to be able to beat his firstborn.

The game features 18 different characters, each with their own fighting style, and 11 levels. Unlike other games, Tekken allows the player to control each member independently.

But the game was not born out of a well-designed and structured project by Namco. In fact, it was a 3D modeling test from the company that was taken advantage of by the newly hired developers at Sega who had worked on the game. Virtua Fighter in 1993.

The game was praised by analysts for the quality of its animations, impressive controls, squad of fighters, strategic gameplay and balance. He was criticized for his unattractive visuals and lack of animation in the background, but that didn’t hurt his performance and earned him an 86.6 score.

3) Tekken 5 (2004) – 88


And starting the podium, Tekken 5, released in 2005, won the bronze medal. Heihachi apparently dies after a battle with the Jacks robots and now Mishima Zaibatsu is commanded by another person who, two months after the event, announces a new edition of the King of Iron Fist tournament.

Several novelties presented in Tekken 4 were removed in this new game to make gameplay faster and more fluid, but some new mechanics have been introduced, such as the crush system, which affects a character’s vulnerability while he attacks. The game features 32 characters, 7 of them totally new.

He also has the mini game beat ‘em up, which here is called Devil Within, and which accompanies Jin Kazama who is looking for G Corporation to get more information from his missing mother. Because of the narrative focus, the player cannot make choices, as in previous games.

The game was highly praised for its fighting system, squad of stuffed characters, beautiful graphics, a great story and a very difficult final boss. The main criticism was the lack of online support, which did not affect much in the general reception, making his grade 88.

2) Tekken 2 (1995) – 89


Second, with the silver medal, we have Tekken 2, launched in 1995. In the story, we see that Kazuya transformed Mishima into an extremely powerful and corrupt company and, due to his genetic experiments, Jun Kazama is given the task of arresting him. Not only that, but Heihachi has returned and has blood in his eyes to finish off his son. Kazuya then announces the second edition of the King of Iron Fist tournament to get rid of all his enemies.

While the arcade version has 10 playable characters, the console version has a total of 25, 8 of which are new. The game introduced several modes that are in all titles released after it, such as Survival, Team Battle and Time Attack.

The game was praised for the lighting, the fluid movement of the character, the detailed background, the complex system of strikes and combos, the accessibility to new players, the very large number of characters and the practical way. It was considered the best 3D fighting game of the time and scored 89 points.

1) Tekken 3 (1997) – 96


And first, taking the gold medal, we have Tekken 3, released in 1997. The title is set 19 years after the second King of the Iron Fist tournament, with Heihachi announcing a new edition in which his grandson, Jin, will compete for the first time.

Unlike its predecessors, the gameplay of Tekken 3 it gives a lot of focus to movement in three dimensions, with the player being able to approach or move away from the background. In addition, the game has improvements such as a faster recovery from knockdowns and new combos with launches. In total, there are 24 characters, with the overwhelming majority making their debut, because of the game taking place in the distant future.

He was the first to have the mini game beat ’em up, which here is called Tekken Force, in addition to having another one called Tekken Ball, which is like a beach volleyball with beatings.

There is no doubt for anyone that Tekken 3 it was a complete success in sales and criticism. Analysts praised its gameplay, its characters, its visuals, its focus on 3D battles, its animations, its history and so on. In total, more than 8 million units were sold, several awards received and the top of our list, with a score of 96.

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