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We reached the end of another week and the most talked about agenda here was about the Windows 11 make it difficult to switch from your computer’s default browser. At Techblog Community, users commented a lot about their not always good experiences with transport apps. Check out these and other matters relating to the period between August 14th and 20th.

TB Community #81 (Image: Tecnoblog)

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  4. I need a cell phone up to 1,600 reais
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One of the most talked about issues during the week was the difficulty of many people in being able to use transport services through apps. Whether it’s Uber or 99, complaints about race cancellations are getting more and more frequent. the members of Community commented on the situation and you can get a sense of the user’s point of view by some cities in the country.

Uber on iPhone
Uber Chip has 9GB of internet and unlimited access to the Uber Driver app (Image: Austin Distel/Unsplash)

Referrals about trusted stores are among the most recurrent topics in the Community and can always help someone.

Keaton asked about reliable hardware stores with good prices. We know that it is currently difficult to find electronic equipment with good prices in Brazil, but the staff gave their opinions, if you are looking for specific hardware, the topic can help.

Miguel was looking for a cell phone with a value of up to R$1,600. Our Community promptly appeared to pass on some directions. If you’re looking for a smartphone in this price range, it’s worth checking out the topic.

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  4. Twitch blackout: streamers organize live strike in Brazil
  5. European Union to propose law to standardize cell phone charger

Microsoft seems to want to make life a little more difficult for those who decide to replace Microsoft Edge with another default browser in the preview of Windows 11, because if the user makes the switch, it will be necessary to define the types of files and links that will be executed by the browser.

According to Microsoft, it is a way to customize the user experience, as leaders of Opera and Firefox say it is another measure by Microsoft to make it difficult for the user to use another program. Let’s wait and see if this feature stays that way in the final version of the program.

Acer PCs with Windows 11 (Image: Disclosure)
Acer PCs with Windows 11 (Image: Disclosure)

The community of Brazilian streamers at Twitch organized an event called Apagão na Twitch. The idea behind the movement is to draw the attention of Amazon, the company responsible for the transmission platform, to the new policy of financial transfers, which ended up reducing the amount received by content creators.

Using transport apps seems to be a general difficulty in the country, so much so that one of the most talked about articles of the week in the Techblog it also involves the difficulty for passengers to travel through apps.

Drivers complain that too-cheap races don’t cover the cost, while passengers are frustrated by the delay and constant cancellations. Let’s follow up to see how companies will try to resolve these issues.

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