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The end of another week has arrived and with it the most talked about subjects. Netflix’s price increase was certainly one of the most talked about topics around here. At Techblog Community, Amazon’s new distribution center, located in the northeast, and technologies lacking in cell phones are among the most talked about topics. Check out these and other matters relating to the period between July 17th and 23rd.

TB Comunidade #77 (Image: Reproduction/Technoblog)

Top 5 TB Community Discussions

  1. [Relato] Windows to Mac Migration
  2. What do you miss most about the technologies that were once on smartphones?
  3. Amazon builds Distribution Center in Ceará
  4. MacBook plug in American standard
  5. Platforms for creating blogs and websites

Norub was super excited about the experience of its social cycle with the new Macs with M1 chip, which decided to invest in a machine. Despite considering the device very good, it didn’t adapt to Apple’s operating system and went back to a Windows machine.

Community members left their comments not only about the report but also about their experiences. The process of adapting to another system is not always simple, but let us know if you have had difficulties in adapting when changing operating system.

Currently, cell phones have so many features that some functions and technologies end up forgotten or discontinued. Daniel said he misses the resource “Assertive Display” that was present on his Lumia 920.

Not only are users lacking modern features, but simple features like easy-to-remove batteries, infrared control and a unique camera button were some of the absences reported by our Community. Do you remember any feature that was “forgotten” in current smartphones?

Nokia Lumia 920 (Image: Disclosure)

There was a lot of discussion in the Community about the creation of the new Amazon distribution center in Ceará. Good news for people in the region, who should receive their purchases faster and perhaps cheaper.

The 5 best discussions on Techblog topics

  1. The curious case of Freedom Phone, cell phone for conservatives against “censorship”
  2. Netflix increases subscription price in Brazil by up to 22%; see new values
  3. Group burns original work by Picasso to “eternize” it as NFT
  4. Android 12: New Features and Guaranteed Update Phones
  5. AT&T sells DirecTV Go and Sky Brasil after loss of $4.6 billion

Regarding the most commented topics on Tecnoblog this week, we had the curious case of Freedom Phone. The cell phone is aimed at conservative audiences who want to avoid supposed restrictions made by companies like Google, Apple and Facebook.

The device comes up with a proposal to have a new and own operating system, but is that really it? It’s worth checking the text.

We arrived at the traditional “Rinha de Empresas” moment. That’s because Netflix increased the subscription price of its plans in Brazil by up to 22%. The company justified it, but the argument seems not to have convinced subscribers who swore a lot on Twitter. Meanwhile, rivals such as Globoplay and Prime Video took the opportunity to snipe the company and try to convince dissatisfied users to change service.

Netflix (Image: Alexander Shatov / Unsplash)

Netflix (Image: Alexander Shatov / Unsplash)

To close, one of those controversial moments of these technological times. An artistic collective decided to burn a work by Picasso and turn it into an NFT. Yes, they burned a work by Picasso to turn it into a digital asset. There were people who thought it was brilliant, while there were people who thought it was absurd. Which group are you part of?

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