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The topic that generated the most interest from Tecnoblog readers this week was IPTV. Whether by the arrival of DirecTV Go or even looking for similar services. At Community, one of the highlights was the fact that Brazilian users of Torrent receive fines of up to R $ 3,000 for downloading movies on the platform. Check out these and other issues related to the period from 28 November to 4 December.

TB Community 46

TB Community # 46 (Image: Reproduction / Tecnoblog)

Top 5 TB Community Discussions

  1. Torrent users get $ 3000 fine for downloading movies
  2. What was the phone that got angry? Or the worst that you ever used?
  3. YouTube Music vs. Spotify
  4. [INFO] Boleto PicPay with discount. A trap
  5. Spotify 2020 Wrapped – What did you hear the most?

Most commented subject in Community from Tecnoblog were the extrajudicial notifications that some torrent users received, for downloading films like “Hellboy” (2019), “Rambo: Until the End” and “Invasion to the Secret Service”. There are discussions about copyright in this story and people have commented a lot about using VPNs to protect your information on the internet.

Many people usually have their “favorite cell phone of all time” and also, that device that has made many people angry for countless issues such as: crashes, bad processing, cameras that promise, but don’t deliver and so on.

At Community, the staff cited several models of famous brands that did not please users. It’s worth checking out the topic and if you feel represented, share your experience there too.

Podcasts get new playlist (Image: disclosure / Spotify)

Spotify Playlists (Image: publicity / Spotify)

In yet another classic service comparison question, this time, we have YouTube Music vs. Spotify. Which one do you prefer?

The members of the Community gave their opinion on the positive and negative points of each service. It is interesting to check and who knows, until you find some extra features in a service that you use.

The 5 best discussions on Tecnoblog guidelines

  1. DirecTV Go launches IPTV in Brazil with 95 channels and free HBO
  2. Ministry of Health exposes data on 243 million people
  3. DirecTV Go is declining credit cards when signing IPTV
  4. 7 free and paid IPTV services available in Brazil
  5. iPhone 12: thin, powerful and efficient in almost everything

About Tecnoblog’s guidelines, IPTV was the subject of the week. You are really interested in internet TV broadcasting services, aren’t you?

The launch of DirecTV Go, aroused the interest of several users of Tecnoblog. The launch of the service with 95 channels and with free HBO, made many people look for information about the platform.

DirecTV Go app (Image: Playback / App Store)

DirecTV Go app (Image: Playback / App Store)

This search made many people try to subscribe to DirecTV Go. However, Nubank users reported problems making payment for the service subscription, as the cards were not accepted.

Still in the field of IPTVs, Lucas Braga produced an article with 7 free and paid IPTV services. There are interesting options for every taste and budget.

The health ministry was involved in yet another data leakage scandal. This time, after a system failure e-Notify, responsible for notifications about Covid-19, allowed the sensitive data of more than 200 million Brazilians to be exposed for more than six months.

iPhone 12 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

iPhone 12 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

Finally, we have the review of the iPhone 12, made by Darlan, who brought a lot of important information about the device and details his experience with the new smartphone from Apple.

And so we closed another week. Be sure to follow the Tecnoblog and participate in discussions in the community.

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