Supernatural: what are the best seasons of the series?

Analyzing the history and trajectory of Supernatural, over the course of 15 seasons the audience followed extremely interesting plots. In addition to several really scary episodes, the series told the saga of the Winchester brothers hunting the most different types of bizarre creatures.

As much as the last year was not well evaluated by the public – remembering that the final episode of the series was severely criticized on social networks -, there are several arches of season that made the narrative constructions resulting from specific periods with mastery.

In this list, we will see which were the best seasons of Supernatural: from the weakest to the best.

10. 8th season

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With a well-defined dramatic arc, this season has one of the most striking endings of the series. In it, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are somewhat strange and even distant, but deep down there is a lot of drama involved to justify certain choices. The Winchester brothers also return to dealing with fallen angels and sinister demons.

It is worth remembering that between the episodes there are very interesting titles that make direct references to other productions, such as “We Need to Talk About Kevin” (8×1), “Freaks and Geeks” (8×18) and “Taxi Driver” (8×19).

9. 11th season

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Throughout the episodes there are some threats that act as narrative devices for future plots. This is the case with the reaper Billie (Lisa Berry), who warns that the next time the Winchester brothers are on the verge of death she will send them to the Great Void. There is also the remarkable baby episode, in which Sam and Dean will hunt more demons with the Impala almost being the protagonist of the story. It is worth mentioning that this season there is confirmation that Chuck (Rob Benedict) is God.

8. 6th Season

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In the 6th year episodes of Supernatural many things happen. In scenic time, 1 year has passed since the previous season ended, and Dean has a new life, far from hunting for supernatural beings. Sam returns in a different, unpredictable and macabre way.

One of the most memorable episodes in the series is here. In “The French Mistake”, the protagonists will end up in an alternative reality in which they are known for participating in a television series called Supernatural.

7. 13th season

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Jack (Alexander Calvert) joins the main team. Between episodes, there is a mind-boggling trip to a parallel and apocalyptic universe in which some characters are found in alternative versions. In this context, there is the notorious chapter “Scoobynatural”, a crossover with Scooby Doo.

6. 14th Season

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Towards the end, this season offers a greater range of insight for characters like Jack. Completing 300 episodes on display, the series produced extremely strong, complex conflicts and brought a revolutionary ending, also considered one of the most consistent presented so far.

5. 1st season

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Before Sam and Dean were demon hunters, they were part of a normal, happy family. The first episodes show how everything turned into what culminated in the outcome seen last week. It is a very powerful season in narrative terms and provides interesting information that could have gone unnoticed.

4. 2nd season

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Another initial season that deserves to be highlighted is the 2 nd season, which puts in the foreground several elements that become commonplace and recurrent over time in the series. The dramas are also intensified, as there is the impact of the Winchester father’s death and how the union between them is extremely important for the overall context.

3. 3rd season

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Occupying a satisfactory position, the third season of the series was directly impacted by the notorious strike by the writers in 2007. Although it was different from what was planned, it was extremely strong in narrative terms and brought a lot of fun to the viewers.

In this series of episodes, we saw how the series could go beyond the frighteningly macabre plots and have deeper dramas. The ending is one of the most moving of all ever presented by Supernatural.

2. 4th season

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This season, in addition to having some of the best episodes, is responsible for expanding all the mythologies found in the series, overcoming folklore and horror to bring the idea of ​​antagonistic creatures. In this context, angels and demons appear for clashes, and we realize that God really exists. In the field of character psychology, there are striking passages in terms of feelings and internal conflicts.

1. 5th season

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To close the list, we emphasize the importance of the 5th season for the development of the series, because it was in it that the producers and screenwriters realized with greater clarity the enormous potential of the product that they had in hand. The ending is one of the most colossal and served to be the official ending of the series if the broadcaster wanted to.

And for you, what are the best seasons of Supernatural?

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