Supernatural: the 10 scariest episodes in the series

Supernatural has been on display for 15 years. Throughout its 327 episodes, divided into 15 exciting seasons, the audience was able to follow dramatic and very scary stories.

The first years of the series bet heavily on macabre plots, with clear references to horror stories already known. Furthermore, with their famous characters, they distributed the latent fears of many people through the hunts of the Winchester brothers in each episode.

Gradually, the horror atmosphere gave way to more delicate and deeper nuances, immersing in the subjective of each character. If we look back, we will find very ominous episodes. With that in mind, we’ve listed the 10 scariest chapters of Supernatural to kill a little nostalgia.

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1. “Bloody Mary” (5th episode of the 1st season)

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One of the most popular urban legends is Bloody Mary, and the writers of Supernatural they played inside spectators with this bizarre plot. In the episode, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) need to look in an antique store for the mirror that can break the ghost’s curse.

2. “Asylum” (9th episode of the 1st season)

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Sam and Dean leave for Rockford, Illinois, to investigate the haunted Roosevelt Asylum. There, they discover several mysteries related to the doctor who took care of the place and to all the spirits that were disturbing the order. The most frightening thing, besides the atmosphere created around the asylum, is the explanation of the cruelties that occurred there.

3. “The Benders” (15th episode of the 1st season)

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Perhaps one of the series’ scariest episodes is not centered on supernatural creatures, but on humans who kill others for pure sport. Even in the 1st season, we are introduced to a family of psychopaths who practice various cruelties. In this scenario, Sam ends up being kidnapped and needs Dean’s help to face his executioners.

4. “Provenance” (19th episode of the 1st season)

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Ghost stories from the past always end up sounding very scary, don’t they? In this episode, the script is based on just that, presenting crimes committed today that may have a direct relationship with a disturbed spirit that cannot rest in peace. What makes everything even more macabre are the agents that cause fear: various art objects, scary paintings and other items that can leave anyone with their hair standing on end.

5. “Everybody Loves a Clown” (2nd episode of 2nd season)

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As much as many people see the figure of the clown as irreverent, some are scared to death because of the various bizarre stories that surround them. And this is another one of those terrifying narratives involving this controversial persona, with the addition of serial deaths, demons that incorporate humans and frightened children.

6. “No Exit” (6th Episode of the 2nd season)

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What can be more frightening than a serial killer who is capable of carrying out various types of torture and killing young women? Oh, of course: the ghost of a serial killer who tortures and kills young women. In this episode, the Winchester brothers investigate the wandering spirit of H.H.Holmes, one of the most dangerous killers ever known.

7. “Playthings” (11th episode of the 2nd season)

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In this episode, we learn that children and their imaginary friends cannot, under any circumstances, be trusted. When investigating some very mysterious deaths in a city, Sam and Dean discover that a child’s imaginary friend is a vengeful spirit. Obviously, the dark atmosphere imposed in every detail makes it all the more frightening.

8. “Road Kill” (16th episode of the 2nd season)

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This episode is scary mainly because of the turnaround presented. Everything that the characters believed to be correct is actually the opposite. Once again, no one can be trusted but yourself. And what is revealed, besides being very terrifying, is quite cruel.

9. “The Kids Are Alright” (2nd episode of the 3rd season)

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In this episode, some suspicions prowl Dean’s mind, mainly because of some facts from the past that are being narrated. What is more frightening, however, is the possibility that children (again they) are not what they seem. What if they are demonic and behind bizarre deaths?

10. “Family Remains” (11th episode of season 4)

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Finally, another scary episode of Supernatural which proves that the human factor can be even more dangerous than the supernatural. Imagine a haunted house, add elements of violence, such as torture, and complete with strange children. There, we have macabre elements for many minutes.

What is the scariest episode of Supernatural in your opinion?

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