Supernatural: cast says goodbye to series after last day of shooting

Image from: Supernatural: cast says goodbye to series after last day of shooting

Image: (The CW / Reproduction)

After 15 years, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, actors and actresses of the cast and also the entire production team, officially said goodbye to the series Supernatural.

Yesterday, September 10, was the last day of filming for the program on the channel The CW.

Everyone involved in the project shared their tributes – many of them very sentimental – on the series on their social networks. Check out:

The series creator Eric Kripke recalled the first scene filmed for the series. He also honored the late producer and director Kim Manners.

Actor Jim Beaver, who plays the character Bobby, shared a photo preparing for the last day of filming.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester’s interpreter, shared a video showing one of the show’s scenarios being dismantled.

Misha Collins, Castiel in the series, shared Kripke’s message mentioning how the series changed his life.

Ruth Connell, Rowena, said: “We will meet again, I don’t know where, I don’t know when”.

Felicia Day, Charlie, recalled the eight years present in the series.

Jake Abel Twittou “Put your tired head to rest”, in reference to the classic song from the series “Carry on Wayward Son”.

Rob Benedict, Chuck, declared his love for the series.

Briana Buckmaster, shared a photo in front of the license plate of her character, Donna Hanscum.

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