Supernatural 15th season: 8 things to remember before returning

Finally, the series Supernatural will make its triumphant return. The 15th season of Supernatural it still has seven unpublished episodes up its sleeve, which will close the historical series of the broadcaster The CW for good. But do you still remember everything that happened? Okay, we’ll refresh your memory so you don’t float in episode 15×14!

Recalling that the series needed to take a break due to the coronavirus pandemic, which completely affected the schedule scheduled for the series.

Check now a list with the main events of the 15th season of Supernatural for you to stay on top of everything!

1. The Void still wants Castiel

The character, played by Misha Collins, has an agreement with The Void, which took the form of Meg. He decided to offer himself as a bargaining chip for Jack and, even though both are looking to overthrow God, we know that Castiel still has a lot of torture to be faced.

(Source: The CW / Disclosure)Source: The CW

2. Jack owns his soul again

After being sent to the Garden of Eden, Jack had to face the questions that the Paradise snake hissed at him: “Who are you really?” After that, when he returned, he had the opportunity to ask Sam and Dean for forgiveness for killing the brothers’ mother. Finally, his soul was finally back.

3. Agreement between Castiel and Ruby

Castiel needed to find Occultum’s location and Ruby could help him. So he agreed to try to get her out of O Void. Later, it is possible that we will see how the conclusion of this agreement was.

(Source: The CW / Disclosure)(Source: The CW / Disclosure)Source: The CW

4. Team gathered against God

Billie already had plans to, after strengthening Jack’s body, devise strategies to kill God and prevent his plans for destruction. Then Sam, Dean and Castiel also joined the team, giving more chances for the attempt to really work.

5. Amara and her threat

When plans are being made, Dean reinforces that, even though Jack manages to kill God, there is still his sister. Amara brings an even greater difficulty to the team’s mission, after all, if she is still alive, it will be necessary to remove the pair from the move at once.

6. Who will be in charge?

This is the question that remains on the air in episode 13 of the 15th season of Supernatural. If Deus and Amara are really banned by the team, the tendency is that there is a certain imbalance of forces, since great figures will no longer be able to lead. The only conclusion Sam and Dean can reach is that Jack is definitely not the most recommended option for taking the helm.

(Source: The CW / Disclosure)(Source: The CW / Disclosure)Source: The CW

7. Alternative version of Sam and Dean are still around

Even with God’s intervention destroying planets, the different versions of Sam and Dean managed to escape. They are completely different from the protagonists we know, and even though Dean sent them to Brazil earlier, there is still the possibility that they will return.

The idea was that the duo, who does not belong to this world, would be used to deceive God, but it is not known to what extent this plan is effective, after all, the Almighty can understand that they are not of this reality.

8. John from another reality is also on the loose

As the alternate version of the Winchester brothers mentions, in reality, John, father of the pair, is alive. He ended up transforming the hunting business into a business that generates a lot of profit and, together with his children, managed to escape and stay alive, but they ended up separating. In the future, he must return.

Now, it remains to be hoped that the return of the 15th season of Supernatural solve all these open ends and conclude the series with a golden key!

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