Supernatural: 10 Life Lessons to Learn from Dean Winchester

The Winchester brothers are great symbols of fighting demons on world television. Dean, the older brother, is a great hero in this regard, but he’s not a perfect person either.

However, even with some flaws, there are several things that we, mere mortals, could learn from the mistakes and successes of the protagonist of Supernatural. So, check out 10 life lessons taught by Dean Winchester during the series!

10. Stay tuned in pop culture

(Source: The CW/Reproduction)(Source: The CW/Reproduction)Fonte:  The CW

Humor is a registered trademark of Dean Winchester. How does he do it? Making great use of pop culture references. As the movie and series lover that he is, Dean uses and abuses lines or trademarks of other productions.

For example, at times he mentions the cartoon Scooby-Doo, which even crossover with Supernatural, but it also speaks of Dead Poets Society, proving to be more cult than we imagined.

9. Listen to classic rock on the road

(Source: The CW/Reproduction)(Source: The CW/Reproduction)Fonte:  The CW

Dean’s car playlist is another trademark of the TV show. Songs play a huge role in Supernatural, setting the pace of events and creating the mood.

As Dean said in the first episode, the pilot chooses the song. Therefore, the soundtrack of the brothers’ travels tends to be rock bands such as AC/DC, Metallica, Eric Clapton and Bon Jovi. The songs liven up Dean and Sam’s journeys and missions.

8. Always be prepared

(Source: The CW/Reproduction)(Source: The CW/Reproduction)Fonte:  The CW

Dean is an extremely prepared person for the situations of the series, whether they are hunting monsters, fixing the car or helping his brother. This kind of care to be ready for whatever happens is an important teaching. If you are prepared for the crisis, you will go through it more smoothly!

7. Relationship with parents is difficult

(Source: The CW/Reproduction)(Source: The CW/Reproduction)Fonte:  The CW

We can say that the father and mother figure of the Winchesters is a problematic issue for the brothers. Dean always had a difficult relationship with John and Mary, who always demanded the right decisions and passed a lot of responsibility to their older brother.

Even with difficult and never perfect situations, Dean manages to teach that it is possible to pacify situations and overcome problems.

6. Don’t hide your feelings!

(Source: The CW/Reproduction)(Source: The CW/Reproduction)Fonte:  The CW

One of Dean’s greatest faults is not sharing the feelings they have. He’s suffered a lot of time hiding and ignoring the traumas of his time in Hell, not opening up to Sam and not wanting other people to comfort him.

The accumulation of situations always led to outbursts of anger, which could have been avoided if Dean talked more about his feelings and talked about the problems.

5. Things aren’t always what they seem

(Source: The CW/Reproduction)(Source: The CW/Reproduction)Fonte:  The CW

at the beginning of Supernatural, Dean didn’t believe in angels. Upon meeting Castiel, he came to believe, but he hated angels.

It took some time, but Dean started to live with Castiel and started to like the angels, creating a deep and sincere friendship with Cas. Getting to know Castiel better taught Dean a big lesson: things – and people – aren’t always what they seem.

4. Always be yourself!

(Source: The CW/Reproduction)(Source: The CW/Reproduction)Fonte:  The CW

Dean was never ashamed of who he was. Even when he was lying about the past or was on an undercover mission, he always acted the same: loving food, making pop culture references and being a prankster. Although he sometimes embarrassed Sam with his lack of etiquette, Dean never apologized for being himself.

3. Never give up!

(Source: The CW/Reproduction)(Source: The CW/Reproduction)Fonte:  The CW

One of the great lessons of the character is the importance of never giving up on things. Dean literally went to Hell and back, dealt with countless problems and, several times, proved to be too tired, almost giving up. However, he always found the strength to continue the missions and complete the work.

2. Life is too short to live with regrets

(Source: The CW/Reproduction)(Source: The CW/Reproduction)Fonte:  The CW

Dean always had a hard time dealing with some things. An example is the love relationships, which generated many regrets in his life.

One of the big milestones is when he asks Castiel to erase Lisa’s memories of him. A decision probably full of regrets, as Dean gave up love, son Ben and a free life of hunting monsters. The lesson remains: life is too short to live with regrets.

1. Family is everything!

(Source: The CW/Reproduction)(Source: The CW/Reproduction)Fonte:  The CW

Dean’s main teaching is the importance of family. He and Sam do everything for each other. This is even clearer in the attitude of the older brother, who taught everything and took care of the younger brother, going to the limit to help Sam.

Doing everything for his brother, Dean taught that when relationships are healthy, the family becomes something very important and is no longer an obligation.

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