Supernatural: 10 consequences caused to Dean by the mark of Cain


During the fifteen seasons of Supernatural, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) faced various dangers involving demons, phenomena and other powerful and evil entities.

The infamous mark of Cain, who possessed Dean, however, brought some severe consequences to his behavior in some episodes.

Check out some of them with our list!

10. Stabbing Abbadon

(The CW/Reproduction)(The CW/Reproduction)Source:  The CW

Perhaps this isn’t a bad thing when looking at the larger context of the event, but Dean repeatedly stabbed Abbadon’s (Alaina Huffman) corpse and violently killed Cuthbert (Kavan Smith). At the same time, the brand left the character easily irritated and frustrated with whoever was in his way.

9. Murdering Randy

(The CW/Reproduction)(The CW/Reproduction)Source:  The CW

During a certain episode of Season 10, Sam and Dean needed to help Castiel (Misha Collins) reconnect with Jimmy Novak’s daughter Claire (Kathryn Newton), who was taken in by Randy (Roark Critchlow). However, when the latter is found by bandits who collect his debts, he betrays Claire.

In this way, the brand influences Dean’s behavior causing him to kill all criminals and also the traitor.

8. Torturing Metatron

(The CW/Reproduction)(The CW/Reproduction)Source:  The CW

The mark of Cain was once able to make Dean’s very deep feelings uncontrollable. Anger, bloodlust and violence, in these contexts, are paramount, which explains the actions Dean took against the villain Metatron (Curtis Armstrong).

In a normal situation, Dean would never fall for petty teasing, but the Mark of Caine forced his hand to act.

7. The First Blade

(The CW/Reproduction)(The CW/Reproduction)Source:  The CW

At a certain point in the series, the brand makes Dean act out of impulsiveness and confront Castiel. However, the character doesn’t want to punish him in any way, even with all his lies and nearly killing Tessa (Lindsey McKeon) accidentally.

Dean’s inability to separate from the First Blade, among other things, were actions caused by the influence of the brand.

6. Attacking Gadreel

(The CW/Reproduction)(The CW/Reproduction)Source:  The CW

To defeat Metatron, many things happened. In fact, some of them almost cost the Winchester brothers dearly. Gadreel (Tahmoh Penikett) was one of the angels who offered to defeat the mighty villain, but the mark ended up causing Dean to attack this sidekick, slashing him with the First Blade.

Fortunately, after some direct confrontations, he was prevented from harming the angel further.

5. Injuring the original Charlie

(The CW/Reproduction)(The CW/Reproduction)Source:  The CW

During the series, Dean found Charlie’s (Felicia Day) body injured, after accidentally injuring her in a confrontation with his double, aka Dark Charlie. However, due to the confusion made by the mark in his mind, Dean comes back to attack it later, not realizing that he could be hurting the original Charlie once again.

4. Almost killing Castiel

(The CW/Reproduction)(The CW/Reproduction)Source:  The CW

The end of season 10 of Supernatural was one of the most breathtaking of the spectators. In addition to presenting Dean astonished over Cain’s brand, the character had a dangerous confrontation with Castiel in yet another impulsive act.

Everything happens when the character provokes Dean, making him realize all the lies told up to that point and almost killing him with the angel blade.

3. Killing Cyrus Styne

(The CW/Reproduction)(The CW/Reproduction)Source:  The CW

But why would Castiel have faced a possessed Dean? It turns out that, previously, Dean had murdered Cyrus Styne (Connor Price), who was with his family while trying to destroy a Bunker.

The mark caused the eldest of the Winchester brothers to shoot the boy in the head in cold blood, not listening to his pleas, as Cyrus begged for his life.

2. Breaking free from darkness

(The CW/Reproduction)(The CW/Reproduction)Source:  The CW

Unlike other events, this was not something Dean did under the influence of the brand of Cain, but rather because she was present in him. The Book of the Damned not only removed the imprint from the character’s arm, but also showed him the path of Darkness (Emily Swallow). That way, when facing Death and Darkness, Dean was able to save Sam and himself.

1. Knight of Hell

(The CW/Reproduction)(The CW/Reproduction)Source:  The CW

Dean’s desperation to assassinate Metatron and his connection to the First Blade led him to the angel who killed him. However, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) knew from the beginning that in order to act, the brand needed to keep Dean alive — safe and sound.

With that, Dean articulated himself to transform himself into a demon, who would also be a Knight of Hell. So he managed to subvert all the actions to which he was exposed.

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