Stream queens: 5 drag queens streamers for you to follow

Last June 28th, the International LGBTQIA+ Pride Day was celebrated. That’s because, on that same day, in 1969, the Stonewall Rebellions began, one of the most important milestones in the struggle for minority rights. More than 50 years later, the fight against LGBTphobia remains necessary, as offenses and aggressions are still part of the daily lives of many of us — especially in some environments.

In this sense, every time a gay, lesbian, trans person – or any other letter in the acronym – conquers a space in a traditionally male environment, we have reasons to celebrate. This is the case of drag queens in the game world, who rock their broadcasts — mounted, beautiful and proud of being who they are. In fact, to understand why to be LGBTQIA+ is something to be proudly celebrated, you can read this post from our partner MegaCurioso.

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What is a drag queen?

That said, you may not be quite sure what a drag queen is — and how they differ from other members of the minorities. Okay, after all, nobody is born knowing, so we explain: drag queens are artists, usually men, who dress in an exaggeratedly feminine way as art. The drag queen is a character of an artist — after the performance, the artist takes off her makeup, clothes and wig to continue her normal life.

To give some examples, the American RuPaul is the most famous drag queen in the world, currently, with millions of people watching the reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race (which, by the way, will become a mobile game this year). Here in Brazil, Pabllo Vittar, Gloria Groove and Aretuza Lovi are examples of drags who are very successful in the music world. Also, of course, we have the great Samira Close in games.

Which brings us to our list of drag queen streamers.

5 stream queens you need to meet

1. Samira Close

There was no way to start the list with another name, as Samira is one of the pioneers and one of the biggest highlights in the field. gaymer Brazilian. It started “when everything was bush” and today has more than 760,000 followers on its Facebook page and 838,000 subscribers on YouTube.

For a few years, she has been successful with her humorous videos, which show games in a very amusing way. It streams various games, from Fall Guys The League of Legends — at times as a boy, at times as mounted as Samira, with her striking look of colorful wig, makeup and beard.

2. Lola Dvil

In an interview with our colleagues at Tecnoblog (who, by the way, inspired this list), Alcides Furlin told that Lola Dvil was his nickname to play MMORPG — inspired by the character Cruela DeVil. Afterwards, she fell in love with the drag queen scene and used the same name for her mounted character, making success with her videos in which she comments on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

As her fanbase grew, Lola Dvil returned to gaming and merged her two passions, streaming several games on Twitch. Today, she has 7,700 followers there and is one of the platform’s partners in Brazil.

3. Nicky Mitrava

In addition to the incredible name of her drag, Nicky Mitrava stands out for her videos where she streams League of Legends, among other games, in addition to its YouTube channel and its humorous music. On Facebook, she has more than 46,000 followers, being part of a team with other LGBT streamers such as Sabrinoca, LuCroft and Demi.

4. Rebecca Gamer

Friend of Samira Close and starting with participation in her videos, today Receive has her own profile with great prominence: there are more than 200 thousand followers on Facebook, for example. In addition to drag, Rebeca is a trans person — but most of her streaming videos are with her super-assembled, so she also deserves to be highlighted on this list.

5. Wanessa Wolf

Wanessa Wolf is a huge hit with her super funny streams of GTA V (with the right to even compiled her best moments on YouTube) although she also plays Among Us, Smite and other titles. On Instagram, she serves prettier looks, with great makeup, but she also streams with a montage, let’s say… more fun.

Of course we need to leave some names out so this list doesn’t turn into a book — if you have any names to stand out, leave your suggestion there in the comments!

In the gringo scene, we have Deere, which has more than 43,000 followers on Twitch, with their videos of dead by daylight. Twitch created a StreamQueens list to gather content from these artists who, in addition to playing really well and producing great content, also invest a lot in their drag personas.

In this sense, it is also interesting to mention transsexual streamers — who really identify and live as another genre and are not characters assembled like those on this list — like QueenB and Sabrinoca. But, who knows, can we talk about them in a continuation of this list?

Finally, there are also lesbians (like Maah Lopez), gays (like Kami), bi or pansexuals, who are also part of the community and are there making success with their streams, despite prejudice. Everyone is also important in making more space for the LGBTQIA+ in the gaming world — after all, there are many of us who are part of these minorities and also enjoy games, aren’t we? If that’s your case, we also want to see your comment down here!

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