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Before ordering the arrest of pocket blogger Allan dos Santos on Thursday afternoon (21st), the Minister of the Supreme Court (STF), Alexandre de Moraes, made a series of demands on the websites used by the president’s supporter as a source of revenue . Moraes’ determination is that Google Brasil sends a list of the lives made by the Terça Livre channel on YouTube with data from the main donors, such as IP and registration information.

Minister Alexandre de Moraes, STF (Image: Carlos Moura/SCO/STF)

In the decision that determines the arrest of Allan dos Santos, Alexandre de Moraes responded to a request by the Federal Police to break the blogger’s banking and telematic secrecy. He is accused of being part of a criminal organization, as well as having committed crimes against honor and inciting hatred and violence through social media.

In addition to asking for the blogger’s imprisonment, the minister also demanded that some platforms used by Terça Livre — Allan dos Santos’ channel — to obtain financial support, send data on donations and donors. According to the PF, the page takes 66% of internet revenue.

One of the platforms mentioned in the decision is Google, owner of YouTube, through which Terça Livre TV takes a large part of the money from donations. The STF minister ordered that a list be sent containing all the lives of Allan’s channel on the platform, as well as donor data: IP, donation amount and information used to create the account on the platform. Last month, Google was against the decision of the Supreme Court that called for the suspension of profiles of pocketnarists.

STF wants data from operators and “kitty” sites

Another requirement of Moraes is that YouTube inform the name and method of payments associated with the donors of Terça Livre. As soon as Google fulfills these two demands, the STF minister determined that operators such as Claro, TIM, Oi and Vivo also inform about the IP of these users.

Finally, Minister Alexandre de Moraes asks the “vaquinhas” website to also send the IP and registration data of the Terça Livre TV donors, informing values ​​and CPF, name and e-mail of the person who made the transactions. The decision forces the GerenciaNet payment management platform to reveal transaction information related to Allan dos Santos’ website.

According to the PF, between 2018 and 2021, Allan dos Santos was in different locations and could take advantage of the world wide web with the objective of financial gain from political polarization. The Federal Police says:

“[…] Allan Lopes Dos Santos, voluntarily adhering to his conduct to the purposes of other people, is part of a criminal organization dedicated to the practice of crimes of threat, incitement to commit crimes, slander, defamation, libel and others, in order to gain economic advantage from monetization and donations and having as a consequence the destabilization of the Democratic Rule of Law, in addition to concealing or disguising the nature, origin, movement or ownership of values ​​resulting from criminal activity, through the use of donation services from the platforms of the World Wide Web .”

41% of Free Tuesday donations are not linked to a CPF

Data gathered by the PF in the fake news inquiry, opened at the request of the minister Alexandre de Moraes, show that of the 1,581 donations identified on the Terça Livre TV channel on YouTube, 41% are not registered with any CPF. Some of the main donors are public servants.

Blogger Allan dos Santos speaks to the CPI of Fake News (Image: Roque de Sá - Agência Senado/ Flickr)
Blogger Allan dos Santos speaks to the CPI of Fake News (Image: Roque de Sá – Agência Senado/ Flickr)

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) was summoned to manifest itself in relation to the STF order that determines the arrest and breaking of the telematic and banking secrecy of Allan dos Santos.

The PGR understands that it is appropriate to dispel Allan dos Santos’ secrecy in order to find out if the money destined for the pocket blogger has an illicit origin and destination. These resources, according to the PGR, are used for the “dissemination of false news or attacks against the institutions of the Brazilian State”.

Complements PGR:

“Access to access records and registration data of those responsible for making donations to the Terça Livre channel during YouTube lives emerges as a relevant measure in order to unveil the particularities of the investigated situation.”

Alexandre de Moraes gave Google Brasil, operators Claro, TIM, Vivo, Oi and, among others, and GerenciaNet a period of five days to provide all the corresponding data for the period from January 1, 2020 until now.

O Techblog he sought out Google Brazil and operators Claro, TIM, Oi and Vivo to comment on the demands of the STF minister, but so far, he has not received an answer. The report also asked for a position from and GerenciaNet, but was not answered.

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