Stephen King: 8 best series based on the author’s works

Writer Stephen King is famous for several works that have been adapted for film and television. Author of great novels, such as The illuminated (1977) and The Cursed Cemetery (1983), there is always some production that draws inspiration from his writings to compose a breathtaking narrative.

For that reason, we’ve selected some of his most iconic television-produced books according to an Internet Movie Database (IMDb) ranking.

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8. Bag of Bones

(A&E/Reproduction)Source:  A&E

The miniseries consists of just two episodes and features Pierce Brosnan in the lead role. The plot takes place in the American state of Maine, a recurring scenario in Stephen King’s work.

A police drama with a paranormal touch is presented to viewers, in which a novelist returns to a place that stirs his deepest feelings, as it was there that his wife would have died.

7. The Shining

(ABC/Reproduction)(ABC/Reproduction)Source:  ABC

Many know that Stephen King hated the version of The illuminated by Stanley Kubrick, released in 1980. For this reason, the writer authorized the production of a miniseries based on this novel in the late 1990s. production.

Even though it has its flaws, the adaptation is much more faithful to its original material, and in the end, King said he preferred the series to his own book.

6. under the dome

(CBS/Reproduction)(CBS/Reproduction)Source:  CBS

Launched over the last decade by CBS, the intriguing plot of under the dome caught the public’s attention. The first few episodes were really powerful, but little by little the pace was slowing down and the quality was dropping.

Thus, the explanations for the rise of the dome that covers the small town of Maine were not well explored in the following years, and King was very disappointed by this.

5. It

(ABC/Reproduction)(ABC/Reproduction)Source:  ABC

The famous clown Pennywise was featured in a television miniseries long before it was a blockbuster at the cinema box office. Overall, it’s a consistent production that presents the characters and terrifying plot of It.

However, due to the times, some effects were severely criticized in exaggerated comparisons to current films. Even so, it is a miniseries that remains very interesting and figures in an excellent position in the ranking.

4. Nightmares and Dreamscapes

(TNT/Reproduction)(TNT/Reproduction)Source:  TNT

The anthology series had only one season, released in 2006 by TNT. In its eight episodes, the production developed sinister stories that featured macabre characters in completely bizarre situations.

Due to this certain narrative irregularity, there are some episodes that are much better than others. However, they were all inspired by Stephen King’s stories that captivated many fans over time.

3. The Dead Zone

(USA Networks/Reproduction)(USA Networks/Reproduction)Source:  USA Networks

Consisting of one of Stephen King’s most famous novels, The Dead Zone has gained many adaptations since it was released. Although not much celebrated among the writer’s admirers, the series, launched in 2002, appears very well in the ranking, showing that those who saw it really liked what was presented.

In its episodes, spread over six seasons, the production features Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall), who after waking up from a long coma can predict people’s future with just a touch.

two. the stand

(ABC/Reproduction)(ABC/Reproduction)Source:  ABC

Although there is a newly released version, IMDb users who have evaluated the stand they prefer the 1990s miniseries. Launched specifically in 1994, the production featured a powerful cast that beautifully enacted the more specific nuances of King’s novel.

In the plot, viewers follow a world collapsing with the arrival of a very dangerous contagious disease. It is from this that two cities form and antagonize their respective leaders and beliefs.

1. Haven

(Syfy/Reproduction)(Syfy/Reproduction)Source:  Syfy

To close the list, the series that is highest ranked was based on the book The Colorado Kid, originally released in 2005. Haven was developed over five seasons into a plot full of mysteries, tensions and science fiction. The narrative grew as the episodes passed, arousing the audience’s curiosity in an interesting way.

And despite not being as publicized as other works by the writer, it deserves to be watched for several reasons, including the surprises and twists that are being incorporated into the daily lives of his characters.

One last curiosity: currently, the series Lisey’s Story, available weekly on Apple TV+, is one of the television productions based on Stephen King’s work that are currently on display. Be sure to check it out!

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