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Do you miss how the classic games were simpler, more difficult and without much fuss like in the arcade days? So you will like to Steel Assault, an action platformer that’s not only retro in visuals but also challenging gameplay. As I have been playing this game a lot in the last few days, I come to share my experiences here.

Steel Assault (Image: Disclosure/Tribute Games)

Steel Assault don’t skimp on challenges

  • Developer: Zenovia Interactive;
  • Platforms: PC (Steam) e Nintendo Switch).

Right at the beginning of the game, Steel Assault shows that tutorials are not always needed. The game puts you right into battle without showing you which button to use to attack, dodge, or use protagonist Taro Takahashi’s special tools.

Everything gets even more challenging due to the game’s difficulty level, which is quite high even in easy mode. This is a feature present in older games, especially franchise titles. Against, Castlevania e Mega Man. Taro itself is even similar to the Mega Man visually, but his main weapon is a whip instead of a sniper arm.

Taro can also use a hook with a steel wire to move around the map, reaching higher places, and stick to platforms to avoid gunfire or other threats. During run and gun periods, the protagonist can still get upgrades to his weapons and shield bonuses to take less damage.

The gameplay is one of the strongest points of Steel Assault. The commands are precise and the animations are fluid, resulting in a jerk-free action. You can jump, double jump, run and shoot freely in missions.

Short but challenging stages

Steel Assault (Image: Disclosure/Tribute Games)

The stages are relatively short and mix parts of the platform with enemies of different types and very challenging bosses at the end. There are also some mini-bosses in the middle of some courses to make life a little more difficult for players.

It is worth mentioning that Steel Assault does not offer control points — the famous checkpoints — between battles. So if you die, you’ll need to go back from the beginning of each course. This might be bad for some people, but the old arcade games worked that way.

The plot is very simple and to the point

Steel Assault (Image: Disclosure/Tribute Games)

As much as the difficulty of Steel Assault be high, the game pays off with a very short adventure. So you don’t suffer so much to finish the game, even going through several “Game Overs”. The story is also pretty simple to follow, as the game puts a lot more focus on gameplay.

In short, Taro Takahashi is a resistance soldier seeking to eliminate a dictator in a post-apocalyptic America. In this science fiction world, cities were dominated by machines and other dangerous creatures. Each stage is a different mission with enemies that require unique combat mechanics.

A love letter for retro gamers

Steel Assault (Image: Disclosure/Tribute Games)

Steel Assault also takes inspiration from retro games to build its look. The game uses the classic art style in very charming 16-bit pixels, as well as titles for Super Nintendo, Mega Drive and Neo-Geo. To make it even more vintage, you can use an image filter that simulates the screen of a 1990s CRT TV.

The soundtrack is another show on its own. The songs are inspired by the classic action games of the Contra franchise and can even be complemented with the synthesized beats of the FM frequency sound mode.

Steel Assault is a full plate for anyone looking to relive the classic era of more complicated games. The game is available for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

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