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O Sao Paulo’s State Government announced on Thursday (22) a partnership between the FAPESP (Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo) and the Sebrae-SP (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service) to invest R$ 150 million in startups in 6 years. The first notice of the agreement provides for the contribution of BRL 25 million in 20 small businesses (up to 250 employees).

FAPESP will allocate money to research and Sebrae-SP will offer specialized mentoring (Image: Ricardo Matsukawa – Sebrae-SP/Flickr)

FAPESP and Sebrae-SP will invest R$1.25 million per startup

With the partnership between FAPESP and Sebrae-SP, the expectation of the state government is to finance around 200 startups enrolled in the PIPE Program (Innovative Research in Small Businesses). In the first phase of the project, the 20 companies chosen will receive an investment of BRL 1.25 million each — a non-refundable amount. The initiative was announced by the vice-governor of São Paulo, Rodrigo Garcia (DEM-SP)

The president of FAPESP, Marco Antonio Zago, assesses that collaboration with Sebrae will expand the scope of the PIPE Program and the opportunities for São Paulo entrepreneurs to bring innovative products to the market. “We will join efforts to reinforce entrepreneurship with better knowledge of the market and the improvement of business plans, increasing the chances of success of innovative initiatives”, points out Zago.

According to the rules, the initial contribution it will be aimed at fostering research and development (R$ 1 million) and assisting in the business management of the business: commercial development, participation in fairs, internationalization and attracting investments (R$ 250 thousand).

To participate in the notice, the company must submit a document of Business Planning, in which it must demonstrate a strategy that will be used to generate revenue on the proposed research.

Vice-governor Rodrigo Garcia beside FAPESP president Antonio Zago (left), Economic Development secretary Patricia Ellen, and Sebrae-SP superintendent director, Wilson Poit (Image: SP State Government/Flickr )

Vice-governor Rodrigo Garcia beside FAPESP president Antonio Zago (left), Economic Development secretary Patricia Ellen, and Sebrae-SP superintendent director, Wilson Poit (Image: SP State Government/Flickr )

Partnership encourages scientists to enter the market

Resources invested by Sebrae-SP will allow companies to seek proof of concept from large companies. The credit facilitating body wants to closely monitor the projects, providing consulting services to startups.

In addition to investing in strategic research and development, the initiative will help companies register patents and encourage their commercialization.

The aid is part of the Scientist + Entrepreneur Program, launched by Sebrae to support the entry of scientists and researchers into entrepreneurship.

The superintendent director of Sebrae-SP, Wilson Poit, emphasizes that the profile of the scientific entrepreneur is technical, but needs improvement for the business:

“Scientific startups entrepreneurs face difficulties when it comes to management and face the challenges of bringing their technologies to the market and relating to large companies. We know that there are solutions with great transformation potential. We’re going to help make these projects happen and take them to the market.”

At the event to announce the partnership between Sebrae-SP and FAPESP, the vice-governor Rodrigo Garcia said:

“Besides our Government’s priority of facing the pandemic, we had a specific look at other Government actions. The pandemic changed a lot in our lives, but it reinforced others and the support for science, the support for research, was valued more than ever in São Paulo.”

Startups can register in the notice until October 2021. According to the Secretary of Economic Development, Patricia Ellen, the Sebrae-SP and the FAPESP must evaluate the projects by the end of the year. Winners must be announced at the beginning of 2022.

Check out the full notice:

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