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O Disney + will add several new features to the catalog in May. There are several thematic contents in the May 4 event, known as the Star Wars Day, as well as additions to films, series and documentaries. Cruella it will also be available for purchase through Premier Access. See all titles and dates below.

Star Wars Day at Disney + (Image: Disclosure)

Tip for hanging out with friends

The news from Disney + always arrive on Fridays and, to maintain social isolation and enjoy premieres with friends, we recommend the GroupWatch feature to watch in groups of up to seven people. The tool is native to streaming, with a reaction function for the content scenes. Unfortunately, there is no integrated chat.

Movies arriving at Disney + in May

Cruella (May 28)

Emma Stone stars in “Cruella”, which takes place in the 1970s in London. Amid the punk rock revolution, young swindler Estella, an intelligent girl determined to become famous with her designs, befriends a pair of young thieves. One day, Estella’s talent for fashion catches the eye of the scary baroness von Hellman, a fashion legend. Their relationship triggers events and revelations that will make Estella embrace her evil side and become the evil, elegant and vindictive Cruella.

Cruella will cost R $ 69.90 for a limited time (Disney hasn’t left until when) through Premier Access. After this period, the film will be exclusive in theaters and then return to Disney +, free of charge.

The subscriber who purchases Premier Access will be able to watch the movie as many times as he wants on his devices, without deadlines, interruptions, or other limitations beyond those stipulated in the contract and while his subscription is active.

Phineas and Ferb, The Movie: Candace Against the Universe (May 14)

Phineas and Ferb finally discover that Perry, their beloved platypus, is a true secret agent who fights the forces of evil every day. They join him on an adventure that takes them to another dimension, where the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz has taken over an alternative area of ​​Three States. The gang and their alter egos must come together to stop him.

Phineas and Ferb, The Film: Candace against the universe (Image: Disclosure / Amazon)

Phineas and Ferb, The Film: Candace against the universe (Image: Disclosure / Amazon)

Grand Canyon to the extreme (May 21)

A meditation on the eternal beauty of one of America’s sacred places and a history of physical difficulty that tests the bonds of friendship of two colleagues who try to cross the Grand Canyon on foot.

Star Wars Day

In the framework of Star Wars Day, celebrated on May 4, Disney + presents a saga-themed content.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

New animated series about the elite experimental clones of the Spoiled Batch (which first appeared in Star Wars: The Clone War), as they make their way into a rapidly changing galaxy, immediately after the Clone War. Each member of O Grande Lote – a special batch of clones with genetic variations in relation to their brothers in the Armada dos Clones – has a unique and exceptional ability.

Lego Star Wars: All-Stars

New faces join the heroes Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, BB-8 and General Leia, in adventures that traverse the Star Wars universe.

Lego Star Wars: The Adventures of the Freemaker

The Freemakers are scavenger brothers. They work in a repair shop on an Empire space station. Rowan Freemaker, 12, sensitive to the Force, discovers the Kyber lightsaber, an ancient artifact with a powerful connection to the Jedi. He has the help of his older sister, Kordi, brother Zander and a droid named Roger. Rowan goes on a battle against the Empire to restore peace in the galaxy.

Star Wars: Rebels

The Galactic Empire strengthens its dominance through oppression and fear, and impels some courageous people to resist. The Ghost ship supports those who cannot fight and initiates a rebellion.

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

Untold stories of the heroines of the Star Wars universe, including Rey, Jyn Erso, Princess Leia, Sabine Wren, Padmé Amidala and Ahsoka Tano. See how your choices, big or small, define the Galaxy’s destiny.

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny (Image: Disclosure)

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny (Image: Disclosure)

Series entering Disney + in May

High School Musical: The Series: The Musical – Season 2

In the second season of High School Musical: The Series: The Musical, the East High Wildcats, who are preparing to present “Beauty and the Beast” as their spring musical, confront the rival school, North High, to win a prestigious and voracious student theater competition. Wigs are pulled out, loyalties are tested and ballads are broken.

The Gifted – Seasons 1 and 2

Produced in association with Marvel and set in the X-Men Universe, “The Gifted” tells the story of a suburban couple whose lives are shaken by the discovery that their children have mutant powers. Forced to flee from a hostile government, the family seeks help from a clandestine network of mutants and must fight to survive.

Coop & Cami – Season 2

It is the story of Cooper (Lotus) and Cameron (Turner) Wrather, two brothers who go to high school and are the hosts of Coop’s online program “What do you prefer?”. With the help of their younger brother Ollie and Coop’s best friend Fred, the duo presents unconventional results and questions to the millions of followers on the show who help them solve life’s problems.

The Chronicles of Evermoore – Miniseries

When Tara Crossley moves to the village of Evermoor with her famous novelist mother and a new adoptive family, she realizes that the English countryside is not as boring as it looks. For the Crossley’s frightening new home in the swamps, there is a tapestry that tells the future. The tapestry is treated by an ominous sewing circle called Everines, which wastes no time in predicting that Crossley’s house is about to catch fire.

Impossible Challenge – Season 1

In the universe of a game of post-apocalyptic intellects, three young scientists need to discover how to escape from an inhospitable environment, solving the challenges of the enigmatic presenter (the well-known influencer and Youtuber of Brazil Gusta Stockler) and creating very unique devices.

New episodes of series

  • Turning the Game of Champions
  • Big Shot: Elite Trainer
  • Inside Pixar (Part 4)

Disney + Documentaries in May

Elephants: In the Name of Freedom – Actress Ashley Bell, along with explorer Lek Chailert and team, go on a 48-hour mission, crossing 800 km in Thailand, to rescue a 70-year-old blind elephant from captivity and return her to freedom.

Great Migrations – Historical series that presents the epic struggles of animal migrations across the planet and the pioneering science behind these life-and-death marathons. It is a chronicle of inspiring, often heartbreaking travels, of unforgiving odds and what it really means to move as if your life depends on it.

Century oil spill – March 16, 1978: Amoco Cadiz, a supertanker loaded with more than 200,000 tons of oil, ran aground on the rocks of the coast of Brittany, France. The accident caused the biggest oil spill in France, damaging 300 km of coastline, killing thousands of animals and damaging the local economy. What remains today of the Amoco Cadiz disaster?

Ailo – A Reindeer’s Journey – The incredible odyssey of a newborn reindeer in the region of Lapland. For a year, and through kilometers of frozen taiga, icy woods, fjords and high peaks, Ailo will meet with foxes, lemmings, lynx, eagles, gluttons, bears, wolves, squirrels, elk and ermine; all friends or enemies. Ailo will learn to survive and escape dangers and predators … always with the help of his mother.

Threatened Arctic – For centuries, the Inuit in the Arctic region lived on and around the frozen ocean. Now, with climate change rapidly melting the ice between Canada and Greenland, events are threatening to end the delicate balance between their communities, land and wildlife.

Dr. T: Exotic Animal Clinic (Season 1) – Dr. Lauren Thielen (Dr. T) returns home to Texas to open her own office for exotic animals, located next to one of the largest animal hospitals in the state. With the support of emergency personnel and more than a dozen specialists, the doctor treats everything from emus to hedgehogs and anything in between!

Mars Expedition – Mars Expedition shows one of the greatest sagas of the space age: the epic adventures of explorers Spirit and Opportunity. Designed to last just a few months, the mighty explorers lasted for years, climbing crater walls and surviving dust storms, icy nights and broken wheels. These intrepid explorers revitalized NASA’s Mars program and opened up the Martian border.

Short films arriving in May

Marvel: Adventures of Superheroes – Spider-Man reveals something he learned in his adventures with other Marvel superheroes.

Marvel Rising: Initiation – While chasing the criminal responsible for the death of his best friend, Ghost-Spider is unfairly accused of the crime, both by SHIELD and the NYC Police. The then fugitive Ghost-Spider has to find a way to claim his name while fighting Ms. Marvel and the Squirrel Girl.

Launchpad – Enjoy Diversity – The collection includes six short films from a new generation of dynamic storytellers. In order to tell new stories more representative of the real diversity that exists in society and to give access to voices that historically did not have it, the filmmakers who participate in this initiative come from underrepresented groups. Inspired by the journey of life, these six Disney + short films are based on the theme of “Discovery”.

  • The Little Prince (ss);
  • American Eid;
  • Dinner is served;
  • Be a Tiger;
  • Facing My Secrets;
  • The Last of the Chupa-Cabras.

What will you watch at Disney + in May? 😉

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