Stadia will finally allow you to test all games for free before buying them

Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service is taking a new, more accessible direction. This new strategy could well breathe new life into the platform if Google manages to convince enough players, developers and third-party companies to participate in the adventure.

Credit: Google

During his conference Google for Games Developer Summit, the American giant has announced that it will soon facilitate access to the Stadia offer. As Google revealed a few weeks ago, the company intends to sell the technology that underpins Stadia as a white label. This new initiative will be called “ Immersive Stream For Games ».

The company intends make its store more accessible by allowing access without a Stadia account. In addition, Google wants to introduce a new technology called ” Low Change Porting » (low-cost porting) for accelerate the arrival of new games on Stadiaand implement “free trials” for all games on the platform.

Google Stream devient « Immersive Stream For Games »

The white label that we knew as Google Stream will now be carried under the name “Immersive Stream For Games”. Google will therefore license its technology and sell it to its partnerswhich will allow developers who wish to offer paid games or free trial versions on the Stadia platform.

AT&T Batman
Crédit : AT&T

The company confirmed that AT&T was one of the first to test “Immersive Stream for Games” technology last year, when it allowed its subscribers to play Batman: Arkham Knight for free from a browser.

A redesign of the store will allow you to access the catalog directly on Google

Within a few weeks, the company will present a new public version of its shop which will be accessible without the need for a Google account. So you won’t have no longer need to connect to the service to consult all the games from its catalog and check if your favorite title is available among the hundreds of games on the service.

Stadia Store
Credit: Google

Thanks to this redesign of the store, Google therefore hopes attract new games its cloud gaming service by increasing its visibility on the web. We also remind you that Stadia offered 5 new games to its Pro subscribers in March 2022, including the famous Darksiders Genesis.

All Stadia games will be available to try, for free

Google has announced that type tests Click to Play will be open to a greater number of players since this feature will no longer require you to create an account. Remember, at the end of last year, Stadia launched a new feature allowing you to try certain games in the catalog for free for a fixed period of time.

Stadia click to play
Credit: Google

The good news is that according to Google, all games should soon offer a free trial version. The company announced that gamers are more engaged when using a Click to Play trial. So chances are that developers are keen to add such a feature to their Stadia games. Creating a trial version should be fairly simple for different studios, as they would only need to decide on the length of the trial period and of determine if progress will carry over to the full game after purchase. Through another initiative Develop anywhere, Collaborate Everywhere “, developers should even be able to work more efficiently on their games from home.

Google wants to drastically increase the number of games on Stadia

The company also revealed a new initiative called Low Change Porting, which will allow developers to Port Unreal Engine and Unity based games more easily to Stadia. The company has been pushing new tools like DXVK, which automatically translates DirectX APIs, ” so developers don’t have to modify the rendering engine of their games ».

Stadia Low change porting
Credit: Google

Several partners are already testing the program with their games, including Saber Interactive, Steel Wool Studios, Team 17, and Paradox Interactive with the next Stadia. The latter should arrive in spring 2022 on the platform. Later this year, the porting toolkit will be made more widely available to developers. The various video game studios will thus be able to port Windows games to Stadia, allowing Google to quickly expand its catalog.

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