Spotify Free: how to use the service without paying anything [Guia]

Recently, Spotify has been consolidating itself as the most popular music streaming platform in the world, according to company data over the past year. With almost 345 million users – and, among them, 155 million subscribers – the service has a vast musical collection, several podcasts and episodic programs, in addition to having tools that complement your user experience.

Although part of these functions is limited to users with accounts Premium, it is perfectly possible to take advantage of the service without a subscription and even participate in a free trial period to evaluate everything Spotify can offer. In this context, Tecmundo has prepared a guide to present some free resources and important tips to new listeners on the platform.

First of all, you need to create a free Spotify account to start accessing its functions. See how:

How to create a Spotify account

To create a Spotify account, simply access the platform through a supported device – such as Android phones, iPhones, computers, etc. – and select the option “Sign up” or “Sign up” to continue. Then, it is necessary to provide basic data such as a nickname, email and password, in addition to brief personal information such as date of birth and gender.

Alternatively, it is also possible to perform this step using data from a Facebook account – it is worth mentioning that the username is, unfortunately, random for both methods.

Account creation process in the Spotify app for Windows. (Source: Spotify, Adriano Camacho)Source: Spotify, Adriano Camacho

With an account created, the user will be able to access the main interface of Spotify, as well as part of its functions. Despite the platform’s incentives to carry out a upgrade ” and have access to exclusive features for subscribers, it is not necessary to specify a payment method or select a type of monthly fee to use its main features.

In this sense, there are some limitations even for the functions available for both types of user, which may vary, including, according to the device used to reproduce the content.

Differences between Free and Premium accounts

Depending on the type of monthly fee chosen by the user – Premium or Free -, the Spotify interface can present itself differently, adopting an aspect freemium “. The change is especially noticeable in its version for mobile devices, where one of the tabs is added to display the main features offered to subscribers.

Spotify interface for mobile phones and their differences for Free and Premium accounts. (Source: Spotify, Adriano Camacho)Spotify interface for mobile phones and their differences for Free and Premium accounts. (Source: Spotify, Adriano Camacho)Source: Spotify, Adriano Camacho

In addition to the interface changes, the main advantage of Premium accounts is the ability to choose any song, in any playlist, in the mobile version of Spotify. In the case of users with free accounts, it is possible to select only songs within playlists platform officials, while the rest of the collection is subject to random play mode – in the computer version, it is possible to choose the desired music even with free accounts.

Right after that, other important benefits of the subscription are: the absence of advertisements between the songs and the interface, unlimited ability to “skip” as many songs as desired, as well as their reproduction offline and higher transmission quality – supporting AAC, Ogg Vorbis formats at 320 kbps.

Brief description of the benefits of Premium accounts on the Spotify website. (Source: Spotify / Reproduction)Brief description of the benefits of Premium accounts on the Spotify website. (Source: Spotify / Reproduction)Source: Spotify

On the other hand, even with the occasional differences between the types of account, Spotify keeps resources available to all users, guaranteeing a satisfactory user experience in any modality.

For all

Spotify’s set of “discovery” features is one of its main differentiators and, fortunately, is available to all users. For the listener, this translates into the “Weekly Discoveries”, “Daily Mix” and “Launch Radar” playlists, which are constantly updated to introduce new artists based on the individual preference of each account.

The platform’s social features are also available to everyone, allowing users to see what friends – found by linking to a Facebook account – are listening, create collaborative playlists and share music on and off the platform. It is even possible to create a group to listen to music simultaneously.

Little-known features

Similarly, Spotify has “unknown” functions for some users, such as: integrations with Instagram and Tinder, which allow the sharing of songs and albums, “Time Machine” playlist for the most nostalgic listeners and the Spotify Wrapped which summarizes the main reproduction statistics, for each user, at the end of each year.

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