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A week after Apple announced its financial support program for podcasts with a monthly subscription, Spotify follows the same path and opens the possibility for content creators on the platform to release the same thing. The biggest difference between both services is in the way necessary for the listener to make the payment for the chosen program.

Spotify playing podcasts (Image: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog)

Spotify playing podcasts (Image: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog)

Rumors about podcasts open only to subscribers were already circulating on the Internet, but it was only on March 20 that Apple Podcasts began to introduce a form of financial support for the content creator of the platform. The idea there is to deliver extra content or even early access to episodes, along the lines of the members area for YouTube channels.

Now Spotify has decided to follow the same thinking and is releasing a subscription model for some podcast programs, initially only for those who publish the content in the United States. There are two very important differences between the two companies: where the user pays and the fee charged by each one.

The first one involves only the user ready to listen to the episode, because the button to subscribe and thus financially support the podcast will not exist within the Spotify player on mobile devices, at least not at this time. The entire payment processing and subscriber control part is in charge of the Anchor platform, which is owned by the streaming company itself.

This extra step can decrease the amount of people figuring out how to release locked content only to those who pay. To try to get around this dilemma, Spotify allows the insertion of a link to this objective in literally any place in the episode where it is possible to have a text, with the exception of the title. Since Anchor will take care of this financial side, only podcasters who use this service to store their programs will be able to receive paying members.

Placing the subscription away from the Spotify app is also a way for the platform to avoid any fees charged by Apple or Google, due to the transaction taking place within each system.

Spotify subscription runs away from Apple and Google fees

The second difference is precisely focused on rate. While Apple charges a toll that varies between 30% and 15% of the amount paid by the user for the subscription to its app, Spotify announced the absence of any cost for the same purpose, charging only the taxes inherent in the use of the financial system itself .

This scenario will continue until 2023, when Spotify will include a 5% fee for the amount trafficked. Even if you enter this amount after this two-year free period, the cost to the content creator can be up to six times less than the amount charged by Apple.

A third difference between Apple Podcasts and Spotify can be pointed out in the second case, where the subscriber can take paid content to other aggregators, as long as they accept a private RSS feed. Any podcast with episodes or other products released only to listeners who support the program will receive a padlock within the search.

Currently Spotify has 12 independent podcasts, along with others from the NPR network that will deliver programs without advertising to subscribers. From the 4th of May will be present How I Built This with Guy Raz, Short Wave, It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders, Code Switch and Planet Money in this list.

Spotify has promised to increase the list of podcasts participating in this program in the coming months. Creating a waiting list for content creators interested in offering a subscription to their listeners.

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