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Are you looking for a comfortable mobile plan at a low price? Mobile operators are taking advantage of Black Friday to slash the price of their usual offers. B & You, RED by SFR, Sosh, or even Free mobile. We have selected for you the best deals on mobile plans to grab today.

Black Friday mobile plan

Good deals Black Friday: the best mobile plans at knockdown prices

Operators are constantly looking to attract new subscribers to their fold. Black Friday is an arena where this price war is played out every year. If you are looking for a mobile plan with a comfortable data envelope for a fraction of the price usually charged, there are many offers available at the moment.

B & You drew the heavy artillery on Friday. The operator offers a 100 GB plan which goes unlimited on weekends at a rate of € 15.99 per month. If you are not interested in the unlimited part of this offer, a variant of the package is available at € 13.99. RED by SFR, Free Mobile, or even Sosh also offer interesting good deals. Without forgetting the MVNO operators.

B & You 100 GB at € 13.99 per month or € 15.99 (unlimited on weekends)

cheap mobile package bouygues telecom

So this is the shock offer that Bouygues Telecom is offering for Black Friday. Usually billed 20 € per month, its 100 GB plan goes to € 13.99 per month. This represents a significant reduction of 30%. And if you are a heavy data consumer and do not have a fixed internet offer, a variant is offered with an unlimited connection only on weekends.

You will be able to watch Netflix or Disney + content in HD, play online or download without counting. This second option includes 15 GB of data usable in Europe and DOM, not to mention unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. The € 13.99 per month offer entitles you to 100 GB of internet roaming. You have until December 7 to subscribe to any of these plans.

RED by SFR: 160 GB at 15 € per month

Black Friday Red SFR

After its crazy offer a few days ago, SFR is back with another aggressive package for Black Friday. The operator offers a package with 160 GB of data at 15 € per month. It is clearly a nice envelope for heavy consumers even if it is less than the 200 GB of data offered at the same price a few days ago.

The package is non-binding and has no time limit. But this time it’s about a flash offer that expires on December 4 at 11:59 p.m.. So you have a few hours left to jump at the opportunity.

Sosh package 100 GB at 16 € per month without commitment


If you prefer the Orange network, Sosh offers an equally interesting package with 100 GB of data at € 15.99 per month without commitment and without time limit. The price will therefore remain the same after one year. For 1 € less, you can subscribe to the 70 GB limited series and again without a time limit. For comparison, know that this package is usually billed 25 € per month. Both offers are available until December 14, 2020.

Free Mobile: 70 GB package at 11 € per month

Free Mobile 70 Go plan December 2020

Free Mobile has just launched a limited edition 70 GB. She is billed € 10.99 per month without commitment. After a year, the data envelope increases to 100 GB (unlimited for Freebox subscribers), but the price practically doubles as it increases to € 19.99 per month. For Freebox customers, it starts at € 9.99 per month. The offer is valid until December 8 inclusive.

Black Friday: the cheap packages available at MNVO

If you can’t find what you are looking for in the offers listed above, MVNO operators are also doing their Black Friday. Find below the best offers that we have found for you.

You have a good base of offers to choose your new inexpensive mobile plan. And if you’re looking for a new smartphone right now, don’t hesitate to take a look at our pick of the best Black Friday deals on 4G and 5G smartphones. You will find high-performance mobiles at a lower cost.

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