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Sophia, the famous humanoid robot, now stars in a series of digital works of art that are being sold as NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. This is the first production of its kind with the collaboration of an artificial intelligence. Engineers, programmers and artists also participated in the project, which entered the Niffy Gateway marketplace on Tuesday (23).

Robot Sophia creates first work of art in NFT produced with artificial intelligence (Image: Reproduction / Twitter)

Robot Sophia creates first work of art in NFT produced with artificial intelligence (Image: Reproduction / Twitter)

Activated in February 2016 and created by the Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics, Sophia is a robot with complex artificial intelligence that has become famous worldwide as one of the most advanced robotic creations in the world.

“Computational Creativity” creates artistic works

“Using my artificial intelligence and my hands to create new works of art got me thinking a lot about what it means to be creative and an artist,” said Sophia in a Twitter post.

The robot also explained that the process used to create its artistic collection is called “Computational Creativity”, which proposes to mirror the human capacity to reason, make decisions and solve problems. In this case, Sophia worked together with engineers, programmers and artists to create her works. “What is most exciting for me are the surprising results,” she said.

Sophia also detailed her creation process and the technologies used in it: “I use my cameras to see works of art and analyze them with my computer vision to identify shapes and faces. So, I process them with transforming neural networks to generate my new styles ”.

Italian artist collaborates with Sophia

Sophia’s entire digital art collection was only made possible by the collaboration of Andrea Bonaceto, a 31-year-old Italian artist who produced the works used as the basis for the robotic creative process.

Bonaceto is famous for creating colorful and surrealistic portraits. Sophia recorded and processed the artist’s productions and then created her own digital works. In addition, the robot combined elements of art history with a process called “interactive evolution loops”.

The project’s creator, David Hanson, explained that multiple drawings and physical paintings were created by artificial intelligence in an intense machine learning process. “My algorithms generate unique patterns that have never existed in the world before. So, I think machines can also be creative, ”said Sophia.

Buyer face will be integrated into single NFT


NFT “Sophia Instantiation”, portrait of the Sophia robot (Image; Reproduction / Niffy Gateway)

One of the works is completely unique and will not go to common sale, but to auction. While four other creations will be available in 30 editions, with prices ranging from $ 2,500 to $ 3,000 per unit, the “Sophia Intantiation” token will be unique.

It is a 12-second video file that shows Bonaceto’s portrait of Sophia evolving into a rereading developed by the robot. This NFT will be accompanied by a physical work of art, painted by Sophia.

In addition, the buyer of this non-fungible token will meet with the robot and have his face incorporated into the work. Sophia will analyze your image and integrate some new brushstrokes to merge with your self-portrait. According to Hanson, this will create “a unique work of art, covering the data of the new owner and this personal connection”.

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