Soon better fiber connections, a brand new PS5, the recap of the week

French operators unite to put an end to failed fiber connections, Sony is launching a new PS5 without warning anyone and Microsoft is making major changes to the right click on Windows 11 … Welcome to the recap of the week!

There is strength in unity, they say. It will take at least an agreement between the operators to finally get rid of the too recurring problems of fiber connections. Meanwhile, others prefer to do things on their own. Indeed, Sony may well have launched a brand new PS5 on the market without notifying anyone. For its part, Free is under the radar of UFC-Que Choisir with its Flex offer which is not without risk. Much like the activity of cryptocurrency miners, it seems, when you watch this video of a roller-compressor destroying a thousand mining machines. Hopefully the new right click in Windows 11 will cheer them up.

The coalition of operators for the end of bad fiber connections

With on average 20% of fiber connections failed in France, operators are facing growing discontent from subscribers. It is therefore time to act and Orange, Free, Bouygues Telecom and SFR seem to have understood it correctly. On July 19, the latter presented a white paper to Cédric O, the Secretary of State in charge of Digital, attesting to their proposals to improve the situation. In the program : training of subcontractors, improving responsiveness in the event of a breakdown and taking pictures during the intervention. It is not known when or even if these measures will be put in place.

fiber optic installation
Credit: Unsplash

The six risks of the Free Flex offer according to UFC-Que Choisir

The consumer protection organization has taken an interest in Free’s latest offer to buy smartphones on credit and has taken six points of vigilance. He recalls that theyou are not the owner of the phone until all monthly payments have been paid, and that you will have to continue to reimburse it even if you cancel your mobile plan. UFC-Que Choisir also discusses the importance of keeping the device at the end of the 24 months to avoid waste and on the personal information that must be provided to Free to subscribe to the contract. Finally, the association emphasizes that any damage or theft will be the responsibility of the subscriber and that it is imperative to notify Free at the end of the credit period, otherwise they will continue to pay.

free flex

A steamroller to destroy mining machines

Cryptocurrency miners have a bad habit ofillegally operate their city’s electricity grid, which is not appreciated by local authorities. In Miri, Malaysia, the police seized 1,069 mining machines that they obviously did not know what to do with. Rather than burden herself with all this material, she chose to destroy it. And what could be more effective for that thana steamroller ? A mind-boggling video that has probably broken the hearts of many specialists, when you know how expensive these machines are.

bitcoin asics steamroller

Windows 11 has a brand new right click

Did you find the Windows right-click context menu poorly organized? Good news, that is about to change with the arrival of Windows 11. If we find all the usual options as in Windows 10, Microsoft had the good idea to highlight the most used between them. Some common operations, such as copying, deleting or renaming a file now appear as’a button at the top of the menu. Finally, it is possible “Show more options” if the one you are looking for is not in the list. Once again, the publisher has therefore chosen to streamline its operating system, without sacrificing functionality.

Windows 11 Right click

Did Sony release a new PS5 without telling anyone?

CFI-1100B01: this is the name of a new model of PS5 Digital Edition. Without saying a word, Sony began to distribute this console to resellers. So what is changing? This new version weighs 300 g less than the previous one, to arrive at 3.6 kg. Otherwise, the manufacturer has replaced the screw supplied with the bracket with a flat head screw. Apparently nothing more has been changed. Only the Japanese firm has already expressed its desire to review the interior design of its console to cope with the shortage of components. These 300g less could well indicate some hardware changes. For now, Sony remains silent.

PS5 Digital Edition Sony
Credit: Sony

Our test of the week

Only the OnePlus Nord 2 was on the test schedule this week, but whatever: it’s a good surprise. Its power is matched only by its autonomy, nicely accompanied by its fast charge. Its impeccable design and its ever so successful overlay make it a very good smartphone. Unfortunately, as always, the builder disappoints on the photo part. We also regret the lack of IP68 certification and micro jack and microSD ports. Moreover, at the starting price of € 399, it is very convincing.

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