Sons of Anarchy: 10 sad facts about Jax Teller in the series

You also miss Sons of Anarchy? The action and drama series was one of the best in television history and left many orphaned fans around the world. Inspired by Hamlet, the plot was full of blood, betrayal and, of course, broken hearts.

In the midst of it all was Jax Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam. Talented, intelligent and with a good heart, his entire life was tragic, until the moment of his suicide.

One of the character’s great highlights was the certainty that his children would not follow the same path, even if it meant his end. And it wasn’t just that!

See 10 sad facts about Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy:

10. Your love life was tragic

(Source: FX / Disclosure)(Source: FX / Disclosure)Source: FX

Although many women wanted him, Jax never found love. His first girlfriend, Tara, left him because he wanted to meet in life. Later, she returned and the two resumed dating. But it wasn’t long before she left him again!

In addition, Jax also had a relationship with Wendy. They might even have been happy, had it not been for her drug addiction and Jax’s behavior.

9. Taking care of Abel was complicated

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Raising children can be a complicated task, as Jax Teller discovered throughout the series. Although things went smoothly with Thomas, Abel was one of the biggest challenges the character faced. After all, he was born with heart problems due to Wendy’s addiction. So he had to hope that his son would survive.

As if that were not enough, Abel was still kidnapped and taken to Ireland. Later on, he began to mutilate and blame Gemma for it. Soon, paternity certainly came with a price.

8. He saw death several times

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If there was one thing that the cast of Sons of Anarchy he knew how to do well was to interpret death scenes with mastery. During his life, Jax saw both his best friend, Opie, and Bobby die. In fact, neither death was subtle. Therefore, it is not surprising that events have left deep trauma in Jax.

7. Your rivalry with Clay was a problem

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The SAMCRO group would certainly have been better off if Jax and Clay could be allies. However, this never happened because of their ideology and the lack of respect and trust between them. Likewise, Clay’s marriage to Jax’s mother only got in the way.

6. Tara’s death was traumatic

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Tara was Jax Teller’s first and only love. In fact, he loved her to the point of considering leaving the crime behind. So when Gemma murdered Tara, the loss was almost unbearable. After that, he was never the same man again.

5. The conflict with August Marks

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Another of Jax’s landmark events in Sons of Anarchy it was his conflict with August. The two could be good partners, but Jax broke Marks’ trust. Soon, he lost one of the most valuable members of SAMCRO.

4. He never discovered the truth about his father’s death

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We viewers know how Jax’s father died. Gemma’s involvement and the conspiracy with Clay were well-kept secrets for the series. So we have no way of knowing if this is another sad fact about Jax or if, by not finding out the truth, his life was slightly better.

3. He changed and it was not for the better

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Tara’s death triggered more and more violence in the character of Charlie Hunnam. But even before that, he was already a different person, so much so that his lover called him a monster. At the beginning of Sons of Anarchy, Jax was diplomatic. However, as the seasons passed, violence became his trademark.

2. His death was tragic

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Jax’s suicide divided fans. Some found the scene epic, while others did not accept the violent end, especially after he had worked so hard to establish peace. In fact, his suicide also seemed to be a way to avoid his enemies and the consequences of his actions.

1. He didn’t see his dream come true

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Like his father, Jax dreamed of taking SAMCRO out of the arms business. During his life, he made a lot of progress. However, he took his own life before he saw the dream come true.

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