some apps cannot be removed, Microsoft tries to explain

Since the recent Windows 10 update, uninstalling some apps like Edge or Your Phone has become much more complex. Faced with users’ questions regarding this policy change, Microsoft wanted to provide some clarifications.

The classic Windows 10 uninstall module does not remove the Your Phone application.

We mentioned just a month ago, uninstalling Microsoft Edge and some pre-embedded applications with Windows 10 became more complex. In order to clarify the situation and calm the debate, the Redmond giant wanted to explain in two documents recently posted on its site.

For Microsoft, Edge is an essential component of Windows 10

While it is possible to remove most of the Microsoft applications shipped by default with Windows 10, some resist a typical uninstallation. Since the 2004 Windows 10 update and reinstalling the entire system, it is no longer possible to uninstall Microsoft Edge through the Settings module or the Control Panel. You also cannot remove the Your Phone application, which allows you to synchronize and control an Android phone remotely, from the system. You have to rely on a command line, which is not necessarily within the reach of the most dilettant.

In a document updated this weekend, Microsoft explains why this policy change, especially with regard to its browser. According to the Redmond company, “Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s recommended web browser and it is also the default web browser for Windows.” More importantly, the publisher adds that since Windows supports applications that rely on the web platform, the default web browser is an essential component of the operating system and cannot be uninstalled.

Windows 10 Uninstall Microsoft Edge

Your Phone app is too rooted in Windows 10 to dislodge it

Microsoft has therefore made its operating system dependent on its browser in certain situations. This is particularly the case with identification or online payment. Even if the browser does not open completely, the system calls upon it so that the user can connect to this type of service.

In the case of the application Your phone, Microsoft specifies that the software is ” deeply integrated with Windows to facilitate the multi-device experience, both now and in the future. “If the application cannot be uninstalled, it is precisely for create more interaction between smartphones, PCs and other devices, again according to the main stakeholder.

Ultimately, we will have to get used to the idea that certain Microsoft applications have become essential for the proper functioning of Windows 10. Let us recall in passing that Microsoft is doing everything to increase the popularity of its browser, and that is successful, since Edge passed Firefox last April.

In itself, this is nothing to worry about, since this type of application ultimately takes up very little space on the hard drive and it is possible to adjust their level of confidentiality. For example, it is always possible to block sending data from Microsoft Edge. Besides, as long as you can use alternatives like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, that’s fine, right?

Is this type of explanation right for you? We’ll let you discuss it in the comments below.

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