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Black Friday already moves millions of reais every year in the economy of goods and services. But the date, which is synonymous with promotions and unmissable offers, also makes complaints about companies and products soar. According to monitoring carried out by the specialized website Reclame Aqui (RA), the volume of complaints in this edition exceeds the 2020 date by 17%. At the moment, the smartphone is the champion item of dissatisfaction.

person with smartphone in hand
Person with smartphone in hand (Image: Unsplash/Jonas Leupe)

Complain Here there are 5,600 complaints about Black Friday

The monitoring carried out by Reclame Aqui began at noon on Wednesday (24) and ended this Friday morning. So far, consumers have made 5,678 complaints related to Black Friday 2021. According to Complain Here, 138 complaints are registered per hour on the company’s website about today’s promotions.

Consumers registered the highest number of complaints about:

  1. Delivery delay — 20.88% of complaints
  2. misleading advertising — 16.59% of complaints
  3. Reversal of the amount paid — 8.82% of complaints
  4. Wrong product — 6.15% of complaints
  5. Problems in checkout — 5.99% of complaints

In the ranking of products with the highest number of complaints, the smartphone is the champion, with 8.08% of registered complaints. Then there are complaints about delivery services (5.48%), sneakers (4.14%), credit card (3.34%) and books (2.84%).

As for the companies participating in this Black Friday, the ranking of complaints projects Americanas’ marketplace as a leader, with 272 complaints. Reclame Aqui points out that there are two new entrants to the list: Amazon and Etna Home Store, which are in second (262) and sixth place (121), respectively.

Yesterday, Amazon just had a technical problem in its shopping cart. According to Folha de São Paulo, users on the networks complained that, when trying to take advantage of discounted products and finalize the purchase, the price returned to normal.

“Consumers are broke” says RA CEO

Complaints about books and miles appear for the first time in the Complain Here ranking for Black Friday. Complaints about points programs indicate that consumers are already thinking about saving money to enjoy their first vacation without the mobility restrictions imposed in the most serious phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

O Reclame Aqui points out that the emergence of products for daily use for hygiene and cleaning, such as shampoo, soap and hypermarket items, on Black Friday indicates that consumers are more concerned about reducing recurring expenses, such as monthly purchases. This is more important than spending on semi-durable goods, evaluates the specialized site.

“We are living the Black Friday of the grocery store, which makes clear the inflationary and difficult moment for companies and even more for the consumer”, comments Edu Neves, CEO of Reclame Aqui. He adds that the search for this type of item reinforces that these are the only products left with “real discounts”, showing the effect of inflation on Brazilians’ pockets. “On one side are companies unable to make promotions, and on the other, consumers without money”, adds the executive.

A good way to save safely is by taking advantage of offers from Achados do TB: the Tecnoblog service that selects the best (and safest) promotions on Black Friday. In addition to mapping discounts and sending them to readers via WhatsApp and Telegram, the TB Findings check the item and the price reduction.

TB's findings: real curatorship of offers, no tail stuck (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)
TB’s findings: real curatorship of offers, no tail stuck (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)

Fast delivery favors smaller items on Black Friday

The ten items with the highest number of complaints registered in Complain Here are of lesser volume and weight in relation to the champion products of complaints from other editions of Black Friday.

In the site’s view, this not only means that the consumer has reduced purchasing power, but that retailers deliver these lighter items quickly, making them more attractive. These are products that can be delivered on the same day by motorcycle, or even within 15 minutes, thinking of hypermarket purchases.

Neves points out that companies did not disclose the price variation on products during Black Friday this year, which ends up making it difficult for consumers to compare prices. The executive concludes:

“Life is tougher for the consumer on Black Friday this year, as companies have not disclosed the price variation on products, it was up to the consumer to go after this price history to be able to assess whether he is seeing a promotion really.”

Finally, Reclame Aqui claims that consumer inquiries to assess a brand’s reputation during Black Friday grew 15% in 2021 compared to last year.

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