Skyscanner: how to find airfare deals on the website

Traveling is a pleasure, traveling cheap, so it’s even better, right? And with inflation and the dollar high, it’s even more important to look for ways to save, and the Skyscanner is the tool that can help.

For those who need to search for flights, hotels or rent a car, the company offers a website and an application that help the user to find the best deal. And seeking to deliver a complete service, they also offer tips and news about the world of travel.

Is Skyscanner a ticket search engine?

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Founded by three friends in 2003, the Skyscanner it’s more than one ticket search engine, is an aggregator of flight prices, hotel and car rental deals. That is, it is not a travel agency, as they do not sell tickets.

What the platform offers is a meta search engine, that is, a search engine that aggregates information collected on the internet in a single place, helping the user to find the cheapest prices in one place. The company’s differential is that it has developed its own technology, which, unlike travel research sites, does not use third-party results.

In this way, the user can use the brand’s mechanism to discover the best flight offers, for example, in a simple and fast way. And you still have the option to check travel news and read tips about destinations.

Wondering if it’s safe to buy? In times of so many scams, it’s important to believe in reliable companies, and in the case of Skyscanner, more than 50 million travelers using the brand’s technology can attest that it’s easy to purchase.

How to buy cheap tickets with Skyscanner

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Through the website and mobile apps, you can search by destinations, dates or a specific month. Want to travel and don’t know where? The platform also indicates places and months that are more affordable. With this information, you can be aware of the lightning promotions that pop up, because it starts to have the dimension of the average cost in the periods.

Searching for cheap flights on the website

The first step towards cheap travel is accessing the web version of Skyscanner. Click here and we’ll take you there.

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  1. In the center of the page will be the search box, where you enter the data referring to the trip you want to make;
  2. Define your origin;
  3. Choose your destiny;
  4. Set the departure date and the return date (optional);
  5. Determine the number of passengers;
  6. Choose your ticket class (example: economy, business, first class, etc.);
  7. Click search.

On the next page, the platform will scan the service providers and airlines registered in the system to present the results.

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The results are presented as in the image above. You can check the most recommended by the platform, the cheapest and the fastest. On the left side of the screen, you can define whether you want to see direct or connecting flights, set the departure and return time, in addition to choosing which service providers you want to include in the search result.

By clicking on “See more”, you can check all the flight information and select which company you want to buy the ticket from, as shown in the image below. Then, by clicking on “Select”, you are directed to the website where you will finalize your ticket purchase, always having the value advertised on Skyscanner guaranteed.

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Searching for cheap tickets through the app

Through the app, you can do the same search.

  1. Download the app from your mobile app store (iOS| Android);
  2. After loading it, open the app and click “Search” (iOS) or “Explore (Android);
  3. At the top, click on “Airfare”;
  4. The app will direct you to the next screen, similar to the web version of Skyscanner;
  5. Define your origin;
  6. Choose your destiny;
  7. Set the departure date and the return date (optional);
  8. Determine the number of passengers;
  9. Choose your ticket class (example: economy, business, first class, etc.).

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There is no need to click on any button for the app to perform the search, which is done automatically. As in the web version, you are directed to the results, which are also displayed in order of those recommended by the platform, the cheapest and the fastest.

There is a last button where you can select other filters, such as seeing direct or connecting flights, setting the departure and return time, as well as choosing which service providers you want to include in the search result.

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You can scroll your mobile screen to check the results and select the one you want to check more information for. On the next screen, you can see the data on the selected flight and all the service providers that offer the possibility of purchasing the ticket, always ordered from the cheapest.

You can follow the feedback given by the users of the applications for each company that sells the tickets, in addition to sharing your experience in the purchase yourself. In this way, you also help other travelers to know about the services offered. When you find the one you want to buy from, just click on “Go to website”.

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The application is very simple, safe and intuitive. You can browse it, or the web version, for free, no need to create a profile. However, if you choose to create a profile, you will have the chance to ask the Skyscanner that monitors the prices of some route.

So, whenever there is a big promotion or a substantial price drop, you are notified by notification in the app and in your email. More easy than that only if the ticket was free, right? It is not yet possible, but traveling cheaply, it is possible.

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