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Pay TV customers of sky now they can use their respective logins to access the DirecTV Go. The IPTV platform has been updated and allows the operator’s users to watch live channels and content on demand at no additional cost, and comes as an alternative to Sky Play.

Sky login starts working on DirecTV Go (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

The partnership between Sky and DirecTV Go is not a big surprise: both companies belong to Vrio, AT&T’s former pay-TV division that was recently sold to the Argentine group Werthein. The IPTV service is one of the aspects of the conglomerate so as not to lose its relevance in the segment, since the pay TV sector has lost millions of customers each year.

Anyway, DirecTV Go is another option for Sky customers to watch TV over the internet. The operator also maintains the Sky Play application, which also broadcasts paid channels and has a collection of movies, series and other programs on demand.

DirecTV Go has undergone a recent price increase, and is currently sold separately for R$69.90 per month or R$699 per year. The plan gives rights to around 70 channels, including Globo, Disney, WarnerMedia, Discovery, Paramount, among others.

Sky login to DirecTV Go includes TV plan channels

I was able to log into DirecTV Go with a Sky account, and the service worked normally. In my case, I could see that several extra channels from the pay TV plan were also added to the IPTV grid, such as Premiere, HBO and Telecine.

Bruno de Blasi, author here at Techblog, also managed to log into DirecTV Go; their TV plan doesn’t include HBO, and the station wasn’t available in the channel list either.

At least for the time being, there is no communication on the Sky or DirecTV Go website informing about the partnership between the services. O Techblog asked Sky if the IPTV service works only on specific plans, if the channels transmitted are the same as the current pay TV plan and if the DirecTV Go promotion, which gives two free years of HBO, will be extended to the operator’s customers, but received no response until the publication of the article.

Either way, DirecTV Go is a very welcome option for Sky customers. The app is significantly better than Sky Play, and can even be used as a sort of add-on point for those who don’t have satellite equipment on every TV in the house.

Of course, Oi e Vivo has apps to watch pay TV over the internet

Sky isn’t the only operator that allows you to watch pay TV channels in apps:

Of course NOW

Claro has the NOW, which has a good part of the pay TV decoder programming schedule and has an extensive collection of films, series and programs for consumption on demand. The app can be accessed at no additional cost, but it’s only available for Android, iOS and the web – that’s right, no smart TVs or TV Box.

Now app with live channels
Now’s app with live channels (Image: Lucas Braga/Tecnoblog)

By the way, Claro also sells a specific plan for broadband or mobile phone customers to watch TV through NOW. The Top Streaming package costs R$59.90 per month and includes more than 100 channels with linear transmission.

Live Play

Vivo has the Live Play, which serves the same purpose and can be used at no extra cost by Pay TV customers. Not all channels are available, but the advantage is that the app is also available for smart TVs, which makes it a viable option to use the service as a substitute for an additional point.

Hi Play

Like its competitors, Oi also offers access to Hi Play with some of the linear channels of the pay TV plan. The downside is that the app is only available for access via Android, iOS, web or smart TVs and TV Box with Android TV operating system.

Hi Play on iPhone. (Image: Lucas Braga/Technoblog)

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