Sites and apps to convert dollars into real and other currencies

Currency conversion is very common, especially when the subject is the dollar, which has enormous influences on the Brazilian economy. The practice can have numerous reasons, such as the need to calculate the costs of an international purchase, analyze possible expenses for a trip, check prices of releases that have not yet arrived in Brazil or even check the values ​​of digital assets in local currency.

To accomplish this task, it is interesting to use dedicated platforms. In addition to being more reliable, as they are more accurate, they are even more practical and display the quote with just a few clicks.

How to perform currency conversion

There are numerous platforms that monitor exchange variation and are available both in the web version, which provides faster and easier access, and in applications, ideal for those who need to check this data more frequently.

Which sites to use?

Although there are countless pages that propose to carry out this task, we have selected two that we think are the best. Check it out below:

1. Central Bank

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The Central Bank website is, as you can imagine, the official source for the quotation of the dollar and other currencies in the country. However, the institution itself claims not to be responsible for if the information available is not up to date. In this sense, the results obtained on Saturday, Sunday and holidays contain values ​​referring to the last working day. Through the website, it is still possible to monitor variations over a given period, just use the quote history section.

2. Google

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Google is perhaps the most popular source when it comes to foreign exchange, although it doesn’t always need to, especially in the case of digital currencies, which are highly volatile. With a much simpler mechanism, just search the term “dollar quote” or another currency in Google’s search engine, and the information will be displayed on the results page. In the case of cryptocurrencies, the site uses Morningstar and Coinbase as sources.

For information purposes only, the data available on the website should not serve as a basis for negotiations, investments or even any legal purpose. Here, the non-simultaneity rule followed by the Central Bank on holidays and weekends also applies.

What apps to download?

If you are a person who needs to monitor currency fluctuations, whether for personal or professional purposes, it might be more interesting to download an app. Thus, data is always at your fingertips. There are numerous options for both iOS and Android. Below, check out some of the main programs:

1. Legal Exchange

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Developed by the Brazilian government, the Câmbio Legal application is linked to the Central Bank and is available for iOS and Android devices. The program, in addition to informing the values ​​of the currencies and converting them, also has a register of nearby exchange houses authorized by the institution.

2. AccuRate Currency Converter Plus

As the name implies, the highlight of this application is the quick update of exchange rates. In addition to enabling currency conversion, the app also has offline features and is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

3. My Currency Converter

My Currency, on the other hand, is only supported on iOS. This option offers real-time conversion of over 150 currencies, support for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, offline mode, as well as graphics that display the exchange rate history.

4. Xe – Currency & Money Transfers

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Xe Currency is one of the most complete applications on the list. This is because, in addition to having basic features of the category, it also has exchange rate charts, quote alerts and even the option to transfer money abroad. Like other apps on the list, it can be found in both the App Store and Play Store.

5. Currency Converter

The last option in this selection is supported only for Android devices and allows the simultaneous conversion of up to 15 currencies — a full plate for those who appreciate practicality. The exchange is updated via RSS and the app has one of the best ratings on the Play Store among free programs in this segment.

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