Shadow and Bones: 7 similar series for those who want to venture

Last week, the first eight episodes of the series Shadow and Bones (Shadow and Bone, in the original) were made available on Netflix. The production, which is based on the novels of the writer Leigh Bardugo, captivated viewers with all its characters and the construction of a new fantastic universe.

Who has already checked the 1st season may be in need of new adventures. So in this list, check out 7 series similar to Shadow and Bones!

7. The Baker Street Irregulars

(Netflix / Playback)Source: Netflix

Launched by Netflix in March 2021, this series also has several elements present in the narrative of Shadow and Bones, such as loyalty, the loss of everything known and a sense of imminent destruction.

The production follows a group of children who need to help the famous Sherlock Holmes (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and his partner Watson (Royce Pierreson) to investigate several strange events. However, perhaps those who are very fond of the detective may be disappointed by the new facet that is developed around him.

6. Cursed – The Legend of the Lake

(Netflix / Playback)(Netflix / Playback)Source: Netflix

Another series that is also part of the Netflix catalog is Cursed – The Legend of the Lake. Starring Katherine Langford, the narrative presents a new version for the Arthurian legends, from the point of view of Nimue, who when losing his mother, gets involved with the mercenary Arthur (Devon Terrell).

The two set out on a journey to deliver an ancient sword to the mighty Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård). All the episodes are loaded with magic and fantasy, in addition to a mysterious atmosphere that will provide mechanisms for the construction of very interesting puzzles.

5. Fate: The Winx Saga

(Netflix / Playback)(Netflix / Playback)Source: Netflix

If you really liked Shadow and Bones, you can’t miss watching Fate: The Winx Saga, considering that the construction of fantastic universes has very similar essences.

This series is set in Alfea College, a school of magic in which fairies and other magical beings are trained to protect their kingdoms from the diverse forces of evil. With captivating characters and curious situations, the production fell in the public’s taste and everyone is already looking forward to the 2nd season.

4. Frontiers of the Universe (His Dark Materials)

(HBO / Reproduction)(HBO / Reproduction)Source: HBO

Based on the homonymous trilogy of British writer Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials enough to give fans of the original books a new narrative possibility for their favorite characters. With many adventures, dubious characters and intriguing plots, there is no limit to fantasy in production.

The plot follows a young orphan named Lyra (Dafne Keen), who divides herself between several parallel worlds in order to free her region from the clutches of those who repress the bonds of everyone who has affinities with magic, in addition to separating them from their internal demons.

3. A Discovery of Witches

(Sky One / Playback)(Sky One / Playback)Source: Sky One

Another narrative that also impressed readers around the world and was later adapted is A Discovery of Witches. The premise deals with a certain historical rivalry between vampires and wizards. In it, viewers meet the researcher Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer), who, on a certain day, finds a bewitched manuscript in an Oxford library.

In this way, she goes on to investigate all the mysteries surrounding this dangerous artifact in her hands, in addition to getting involved with Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode), a vampire.

two. Stranger Things

(Netflix / Playback)(Netflix / Playback)Source: Netflix

Since it was launched in 2016, the public has become very involved with the characters and mysteries of Stranger Things. There were many factors that contributed to the success, and certainly one of them was the time when the story takes place; everyone was eager to remember everything from the 1980s.

However, if you like science fiction, fantasy, haunting mysteries and haven’t seen this Netflix series yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! In the town of Hawkins, young people come together to unravel some paranormal secrets that occur in the region.

1. game of Thrones

(HBO / Reproduction)(HBO / Reproduction)Source: HBO

Even with so many controversies in its development, it cannot be denied that game of Thrones it was a great television phenomenon. Launched by HBO in 2011, the saga is based directly on the work of writer George R.R.Martin. In Westeros, there are many political articulations for the characters to be able to reach the throne.

They are lies told over the years, unpredictable discoveries and deep dramas, in addition to unbridled action, fantasy and sensory experiences. There are many families living in this immense kingdom and, therefore, it is necessary to be attentive to all the episodes in order not to miss any details.

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