Series in the Week: Season 6 of Lucifer hits Netflix; see agenda!

This week, the series Lucifer will be completed on Netflix. The production, which has won over subscribers over several emotional and conflict-filled episodes, premieres its 6th season on September 10th, next Friday. In the plot, the main character (played by Tom Ellis) is the Lord of Hell, who after leaving his official post, decided to enjoy the pleasures of life in Los Angeles.

When he got involved in the world of criminal investigations, he met detective Chloe (Lauren German), with whom he fell in love. Thus, Lucifer had to face several internal challenges during the seasons, as well as dangerous enemies. The expectation is that the outcome will address several important issues, including the protagonist’s feelings.

The cast also features Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen, Kevin Alejandro as Dan, Rachael Harris as Linda Martin, D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel and Tricia Helfer as Charlotte.

Another production that promises great emotions to the public is the miniseries Scenes from a Wedding, from HBO, presenting a contemporary version of Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman’s original idea. The five episodes begin to be distributed next Sunday (12), featuring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac in the main roles.

HBO’s miniseries will have five episodes. (HBO/Reproduction)Source:  HBO

It is worth noting that the series Miracle Workers, Titans, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Walking Dead are on hiatus and return with new episodes soon!

So, check out the complete schedule with all the Series in the Week!

Monday (06/09)

Roswell, New Mexico — unpublished episode (3×7)

Tuesday (07/09)

New season of  American Crime Story portrays Bill Clinton's Impeachment process. (FX/Playback)New season of  American Crime Story portrays Bill Clinton’s Impeachment process. (FX/Playback)Source:  FX

American Crime Story — premiere of season 3 on FX

Queen Sugar — OWN season 6 premiere

Robot Chicken — Season 11 premiere on Adult Swim

kid cosmic — Season 2 premiere on Netflix

Octonauts: Planet Mission — Season 1 premiere on Netflix

on the edge of chaos — Season 1 premiere on Netflix

Only Murders in the Building — unpublished episode on Hulu (1×4)

stargirl — unpublished episode (2×5)

supergirl — unpublished episode (6×10)

Wednesday (09/08)

Season 2 of Into the Night hits Netflix next Wednesday (8).(Netflix/Play)Season 2 of Into the Night hits Netflix next Wednesday (8).(Netflix/Play)Source:  Netflix

into the night — Season 2 premiere on Netflix

Doogie Kamealoha M.D. — premiere of season 1 on Disney+

American Horror Story — unpublished episode (10×4)

archer — unpublished episode (12×4)

What If…? — unpublished episode on Disney+ (1×5)

Turner & Hooch — unpublished episode on Disney+ (1×8)

Tico and Teco: life in the Park — unpublished episode on Disney+ (1×7)

in the dark — unpublished episode (3×10)

Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens — unpublished episode (2×5)

Thursday (09/09)

The Other Two — unpublished episodes on HBO Max (2×5 and 2×6)

riverdale — unpublished episode (5×15)

Star Trek: Lower Decks — unpublished episode on Paramount+ (2×5)

Under pressure — unpublished episode on Globoplay (4×5)

slasher — unpublished episode (4×6)

The Outpost — unpublished episode (4×9)

Friday (09/10)

Lucifer's final is being long awaited by fans. (Netflix/Reproduction)Lucifer’s final is being long awaited by fans. (Netflix/Reproduction)Source:  Netflix

Lucifer — premiere of the 6th and final season on Netflix

Iron Masters — premiere of the 1st season of the reality show on Netflix

See — unreleased episode on Apple TV+ (2×3)

Truth Be Told — unreleased episode on Apple TV+ (2×4)

Mr. Corman — unreleased episode on Apple TV+ (1×7)

ted lasso — unreleased episode on Apple TV+ (2×8)

Nine Perfect Strangers — unpublished episode on Amazon Prime Video (1×6)

Sunday (09/12)

Scenes from a Wedding — premiere of the miniseries on HBO

evil — unpublished episode on Paramount+ (2×9)

heels — unpublished episode (1×5)

hard — unpublished episode (2×5)

Chesapeake Shores — unpublished episode (5×5)

The L Word: Generation Q — unpublished episode (2×6)

FORower Book III — unpublished episode (1×8)

animal kingdom — unpublished episode (5×10)

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