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Make way for the Netflix news for August 2020! Each month, the Phonandroid editorial team unveils the new series and films offered in the Netflix catalog. Despite the good weather, you would expect to spend a few evenings in front of the TV. Here are the best series of the moment to binge-watcher without shame. Do you prefer films? Here too, we have what you need! Follow the guide !

Hear dear readers! We have great news for you! The editorial staff of Phonandroid has decided to please fans of series and films subscribed to Netflix. The SVOD service is the most successful in France, we ourselves are all editorial subscribers. So you can imagine that we too have discussions on the latest series released, our favorites, our films not to be missed, our super interesting documentaries. In short, we also love cinema and series at Phonandroid and we wanted to share this passion with you

We have therefore decided to give you an update every month on the best series and the best movies to watch on Netflix. For the youngest, we advise you to consult the list of the best cartoons in the catalog. If you are looking for something specific, use the secret codes to access Netflix categories.

We will therefore give you a full update every month on the novelties of the catalog, but not only. As the goal is to share our passion, we will make you a small selection of three series and films not to be missed. Keep in mind that movies and series are disappearing from the Netflix catalog every month for broadcast rights reasons. The selection below refers only to the novelties of the VOD service and not to the disappearances. If you have already seen the works available on Netflix, we invite you to take a look at the Amazon Prime Video catalog.

The editorial staff’s favorite

Lucifer season 5 part

The Devil is back! After several months spent on the Underworld Throne, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) returns to earth to face his twin, an evil demon determined to steal his brother’s earthly life. At the request of the fans, Lucifer will return in 2021 for a final lap.

The best Netflix series of August 2020

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend

After Black Mirror, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is also entitled to his interactive episode! For those who do not know, the sitcom follows the adventures of Kimmy Schmidt, a young woman of 29, who manages to escape from a guru who made her believe that the Apocalypse had taken place. She will rediscover the world with a new perspective.

The Rain – Season 3

In a futuristic world where the rain poisons humanity, Simone and her little brother Rasmus take refuge in a bunker with their family. For some reason, their father finally leaves the bunker and disappears … In this third and final season, Rasmus will seek to save what remains of the human race by using his immunity to the rain.

Series added to the Netflix catalog

  • Martin Matin – Season 4: August 1
  • Boule et Bill – Season 2: August 1
  • Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir: August 1
  • Talking Tom and Friends: August 1
  • The Governor – Season 1: August 1
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs The Reverend (Interactive) August 5
  • The Rain – Season 3: August 6
  • The Seven Deadly Sins – Season 4: August 6
  • Selling Sunset – Season 3: August 7
  • Alta Mar – Season 3: August 7
  • Greenleaf – Season 5: August 12
  • Dirty John – Season 2: August 14
  • 3% – Season 4: August 14
  • BioHackers Season 1: August 20
  • Hoops Season 1: August 21
  • Lucifer – Season 5 Part 1: August 21

Best Netflix Movies of August 2020

Gainsbourg, heroic life

This excellent biopic traces the tumultuous life of Serge Gainsbourg, the much-maligned icon of French song, from his childhood under German occupation to his many conquests, Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin.

Project Power

A mysterious drug appears on the market in New Orleans. This pill offers superpowers to those who consume it. Unfortunately, drugs have random effects: if some manage to steal or become invisible, others die suddenly …

Movies added to the Netflix catalog

  • The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain: August 1
  • Gainsbourg, heroic life: August 1
  • Barbie, apprentice princess: August 1
  • Barbie and the Secrets of the Sirens: August 1
  • Barbie, Secret Agents: August 1
  • Barbie, video game heroine: August 1
  • Barbie and the Secret of the Fairies: August 1
  • Good luck Algeria: August 1
  • Tchoupi the movie: August 1
  • Eye for eye: August 1
  • Beyond the Laws: August 1
  • Severe: August 1
  • Jack and the Mechanics of the Heart: August 6
  • Work it: August 7
  • 7 years of seduction: August 10
  • Toilets, a love affair: August 11
  • Everything separates us: August 11
  • The Dark Tower: August 13
  • Project power: August 14
  • Who is afraid of watches? : August 14
  • The big robbery: August 14

The best Netflix documentaries / shows of August 2020

Anelka, the misunderstood

This documentary produced by Netflix looks back on the career of Nicolas Anelka, the enfant terrible of French football. The documentary contains previously unseen interviews with the man and his relatives such as Didier Drogba, Emmanuel Petit, Thierry Henry and Omar Sy.

Documentaries added to the Netflix catalog

  • Artus, bleeding to perfection: August 1
  • Felipe’s Lab: August 4
  • Anelka, misunderstood: August 5

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