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Disney + novelties for October 2020 are here! Like every month, the editorial staff of Phonandroid lists the new series and films to see on the Disney streaming platform. Enough to easily organize your next binge-watching sessions!

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Dear Disney + readers and subscribers, it is time, like every month, to take stock of what’s new coming to the big-eared firm’s streaming platform! Since its launch on April 7, 2020 in France, the service has been a hit. It’s simple, Disney + has accumulated 50 million subscribers in 5 months, or as many as Netflix in 7 years!

A success due in large part to disney catalog +. The Marvel Universe, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney classics, short films, exciting National Geographic documentaries, there is something for everyone. It’s time to dwell on what Disney + is offering us in October 2020. Between the highly anticipated season 2 of The Mandalorian and Thor ragnarok October 30, The Simpsons’ 31st season, seasons 6 and 7 of Once upon a time or the exclusive series the stuff of heroes, there will be something for everyone this month on Disney +.

Not yet a Disney + subscriber? While the 7-day free trial is gone, the subscription itself is one of the most honorable around: it costs just € 6.99 (for a monthly subscription) or € 69.99 for an annual plan. And to get a better idea of ​​everything that awaits you on the streaming platform, you can also consult our test and opinion on Disney + to help you in your choice.

The editorial staff’s favorite

The Mandalorian – Season 2

In this highly anticipated season 2 of the show led by director Jon Favreau, find bounty hunter Mando alias The Mandalorian in the company of “Baby Woda ”. The warrior equipped with these two blasters will have to follow in the footsteps of the young creature’s people, in order to bring him back to his family.

The best Disney + animated series and series of October 2020

Once Upon A time: season 1 to 7

In this fantastic series led by Jennifer Morrison (Cameron in Doctor House) and the brilliant Robert Carlisle, discover the town of StoryBrook, a strange town where fairy-tale characters are locked up. The only downside is that none of them are aware of their true nature. The arrival of Emma, ​​a stranger, will shake things up. For better and for worse.

The Cloth of Heroes

This exclusive series produced by National Geographic invites you to discover the extraordinary destiny of the pioneers of the American space conquest. This exclusive Disney + show offers a superb recreation of America in the 1690s, obsessed with Space and anguished at the idea that the USSR would win the battle. These astronauts, their families, will quickly be put in the spotlight, forced by the US government to accomplish the impossible: get to space in just two years, when it takes seven.

Series and animated series added to the Disney + catalog

Week of October 2

  • The Simpsons – seasons 31
  • Zenimation
  • Kim possible
  • Life-Size 2
  • Once Upon A Time – season 6 and 7

Week of October 9

  • Funny Friends – Season 3
  • Mother and Daughter – Season 1 to 4
  • The Stuff of Heroes – Season 1

Week of October 16

  • Lena, dream of a star – season 1 and 2
  • Mother and daughter: California Dream

Week of October 30

  • The Mandalorian – season 2

The best Disney + movies and musicals of October 2020

Thor: Ragnarok

Quite simply the best episode of the trilogy dedicated to the God of Thunder Thor. Between a well-written Hulk character, a Thor who will go through dark hours, epic clashes at will and a very well balanced humor, the film by the hilarious Taika Waititi is a very good vintage, which clearly stands out from the crowd. other Marvel productions.


Get the handkerchiefs ready, Justin Baldoni’s new feature film will probably make you cry. The film traces the story of Zach Sobiech, a young man of 17, a music virtuoso unfortunately suffering from bone cancer. Zack’s life testifies “the power of optimism, music and human relationships ”, says Rick Strauss, director of content and marketing at Disney +.

Movies added to the Disney + catalog

Week of October 2

  • The Little Champions
  • The Toad and the Schoolmaster

Week of October 9

  • Mickey, Pluto and the Ostrich
  • Mickey’s Birthday
  • Mickey’s Tugboat

Week of October 16

  • Forever: A Cinderella Story
  • Clouds

Week of October 23

  • Mr. Popper and his penguins
  • Miss Peregrine and the special children
  • The Adventures of Olaf

Week of October 30

  • Sadie Sparks: sacred 2D and 3D rabbit
  • Thor: Ragnarok

The best Disney + documentaries of October 2020

Amoco Cadiz the oil spill of the century

Discover an uplifting and terrifying documentary about one of the worst oil spills in Europe. A disaster of such magnitude that it will lead the French authorities to legislate to prevent similar tragedies from happening again in the future.

Documentaries added to the Disney + catalog

Week of October 2

  • At the heart of the zoo (season 1)
  • Trial of a Tribe (Season 3)

Week of October 9

  • Amoco Cadiz: the oil spill of the century

Week of October 16

  • Meet the chimpanzees

Week of October 23

  • The Great Imposture (Part 2) – TV Game

Week of October 30

  • Cosmos new worlds
  • Break vs. supercar, season 1

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