Series: 8 historic crossovers that have marked fans

Crossovers between films have become a fad in theaters. Driven by the universes of Marvel and DC, the union between films and characters became routine in Hollywood. However, long before the feature films adopted this strategy, several series had already formed unions to promote their works on TV.

Today we list the eight most striking crossovers between series. Check out:

8. power Rangers and Ninja Turtles

The unusual encounter between the two franchises that were hot in the 90s occurred in an episode of the series Power Rangers in Space, in 1998. In it, the Ninja Turtles are controlled by Astronema and forced to carry out a series of attacks on the rangers, starring in epic combat scenes between the groups. However, after undoing the power that hypnotized the mutants, the teams unite against the villain and her evil forces.

Almost 25 years later, fans could see a new crossover between the heroes, but this time, in the comics, in a saga created by IDW Comics and BOOM Studios.

7. Keys and Chapolin

Perhaps one of the first crossovers in history, Keys and Chapolin, starred in some episodes together. The characters, both played by the eternal Roberto Gómez Bolaños, began to appear separated in the same chapter, until 1976, using the resource of chroma key, finally could appear interacting in the same scene.

Chaves and Chapolin were the protagonists of one of the first crossovers in the history of TV series.Source:  Televisa

The technique became common in the following episodes of the series, and allowed other actors to act opposite other characters they also played, such as Chiquinha and Dona Neves, in addition to Seu Barriga and Nhonho.

6. two and half men and CSI

The unusual and fun crossover happened in the 5th season of two and half men. In the episode, Charlie and Alan’s stepfather, Teddy Leopold, dies on their wedding day under mysterious circumstances. It was up to the CSI: Miami team to investigate and solve the mystery.

Famous scene in Charlie's bedroom in the episode that unites Two and Half Men and CSI: MiamiFamous scene in Charlie’s bedroom in the episode that unites Two and Half Men and CSI: Miami.Source:  YouTube

The episode has a total focus on humor, with unusual scenes, such as the investigators using black light in Charlie’s room and finding traces of sperm all over the walls and even the ceiling.

5. buffy and angel

Initially, Angel was just a character on the show. Buffy: the Vampire Slayer. However, the character’s success made him earn a series of his own. Even so, their appearances remained frequent, both to boost both series and to keep the relationship full of ups and downs between the two characters.

buffy and angelBuffy and Angel.Source:  Fox

4. Hercules and Xena

Xena also started as a character on the show. Hercules and quickly gained a series of its own. Like Buffy and Angel, both characters continued to appear sporadically in episodes of both series, especially with a good deal of romance between the protagonists.

Xena and HerculesXena and Hercules.Source:  NBC Universal

3. Supernatural and Scooby Doo

The most curious crossover on our list joined the mystery and suspense series with the popular cartoon. Called “Scoobynatural, the episode places Sam and Dean in the cartoon universe after they turn on a cursed TV that transports them to the universe of the most bumbling detectives on the planet.

two. Simpsons and family guy

The union between the two Fox animated series was remarkable and, at the same time, surrounded by controversy. Starting with a bad joke, in which Stewie tries to imitate Bart in his famous prank calls and calls Moe that his sister is being raped. The episode also features a car wash with Homer and Peter wearing sexy clothes, and a rather violent fight between the two.

The crossover divided opinions. While fans of family guy, accustomed to the cartoon’s acid humor, praised the episode, those of the Simpsons they complained a lot, especially in relation to the eroticization of the characters and the bloody fight between the parents of the family.

1. arrowverse

The biggest crossover in the history of the series came to have a name of its own: arrowverse. It consists of a unique universe where several Warner series are interconnected by their characters. It all started on the show arrow, with a participation of the character Flash.

Currently, crossover has become a routine in all series of the producer, both with the oldest and with the newest, making it difficult to even guess which characters have not yet interacted with each other.

Arrowverse became a landmark in TV series historyArrowverse has become a landmark in TV series history.Source:  Warner / Disclosure

And in your opinion, what was the biggest crossover in history in the series world? Let us know in the comments!

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