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Garena has released a new update for Free Fire. Let’s take a look at what this update brings news, besides the resolution of bugs. THE Free Fire update in September has new weapons, modes and games and other details that I will present to fans of one of the most downloaded Battle Royale in the Mobile universe.

Free Fire update for September

New Flamethrower weapon is now available on the training island. The player will have a lot of advantage in close combat. ParaFAL is the new AR of the game, a lot of damage and range, balanced by the low rate of fire.

In addition to weapons, the Free Fire update features new game modes, skill enhancements and existing weapon balances. I will detail everything in our article.

New weapons

  • Flamethrower: Short-range secondary weapon. The possibility of melting gel walls is its major highlight;
Doubt answer
Where are you located? Available on Training Island only
Damage 15
Reach 4
Rate of fire 0.06
Refill Cannot reload the Flamethrower
  • ParaFAL: Long range and high damage make it easier to take down enemies at long range. The low rate of fire allows reaction by whoever is being shot.
Doubt answer
Where are you located? Classic and Contra Squad Mode
Damage 48
Rate of fire 0.245
  • Nozzle;
  • Butt;
  • Loader;
  • Grip;
  • Mira

Skill improvements and adjustments

  • Jai: shortly after its launch, players started giving feedback about your skills. According to the players, the amount of ammunition reloaded was insufficient to shoot down enemies using low-ammunition weapons. Garena listened to the players’ opinions and made adjustments to the character’s ability.
Before Update
% Loader capacity: 10/13/16/19/22/25% 30/33/36/39/42/45%
Weapons affected: Rifles, Pistols and SMG Rifles, Pistols, SMG, SG
  • Evelyn: The adjustment of the character Evelyn was to fix a bug. Previously, the flaw allowed other players to see the character’s location when their ability was active. This issue has been resolved.

Weapon balancing

A total of 8 weapons and items were balanced to optimize the quality of the game. Let’s look at what happened to each one:


The grenade had an option added in its mechanics, now players can prepare the explosive before launch to control the detonation time, which was very unstable. The grenade projectile has been updated to make it easier to see the launch path.


The change made to the P90 affects its accuracy and rate of fire. The maximum spread of the weapon has been changed, so the recoil is more “manageable”.

Rate of fire: + 3%;

Maximum spread: -10%.


They adjusted the base and minimum damage to control the intense advantage this AR has over other models. It still has a lot of advantage in eliminating opponents over longer distances, but its minimal damage has been reduced.

Base damage: 58 → 59;

Minimum damage: 30 → 25.

M14 (Core of anger):

The Rage Core accessory took the M14 to another level of efficiency when applied to the weapon. In an attempt to hold back the lethality of the M14 in the clashes, some of the core power of anger was taken away.

Rate of fire: -11%.


Criticism over this weapon has always been of little use in the final clashes of each match. It was very weak when shooting in motion. The game’s producer decided to change some characteristics to bring it closer to other ARs.

Shot accuracy: 4 → 6;

Propagation in motion: -11%.

Kar98K (Biometric sight):

The weapon has a very high elimination power, giving a lot of damage to your shots. When the Kar98K was equipped with the biometric sight, which assists with the shots, it was almost impossible to survive the attack. It was the famous “cockroach flies”. Garena realizing this decided to alter the item’s targeting assistance.

Sight assistance radius: -35%.


The glider can stay in the air for a long time, with its old height it was possible for some players to access unreachable areas, making it very strong on some maps. The maximum flight height has been changed to circumvent this imbalance.

Maximum flight altitude: 38 → 14.


The scan has been updated to be able to track vehicles as well. What was not possible before.

New minigames

Many changes have been made to the training island to improve the players’ experience.

  • Arriving at the server or being reborn the player will always be close to his teammates;
  • It is now possible to restore the vehicle’s position and honk;
  • Amphibious motorcycles can now use nitros and jump;
  • Shooting training is the new mini game available on the island;
  • Private cinema was released.

Bug fixes

Some bugs found between the previous update and the new one have been fixed:

  • Gel walls can no longer displace players;
  • Mushrooms can be marked;
  • Released opening the configuration menu when watching or being slaughtered;
  • Optimized the Free Fire weapon store filter;
  • Optimization of the Best Match screen for the winning / losing team for all short-range combat modes;
  • Optimized the Jeep model;
  • Visualization of active skill has been improved.

That was the content of the Free Fire update in September, take advantage of the modifications and good games.

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