See which series were canceled on Netflix in 2020 (so far)

Every year, Netflix makes some series cancellations due to several factors. Whether to save money on something that is not going so well with the audience or to end stories, the streaming giant maintains creative control of production in a very interesting way.

The impact of the cancellation of some titles, even, is so strong among fans that campaigns are carried out on the internet to show the platform that the decision is somewhat wrong. Lovers of Anne With an E say it!

See, therefore, which series were canceled on Netflix in 2020.

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Canceled after the 1st season, the teen series launched in 2019 does not seem to have reached the producers’ goals. Although for a time it was the darling of the public on social networks, and a renewal was announced for 2020, the streaming platform chose not to proceed with production.

In a statement, Netflix explained that there were many difficulties encountered in the process because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Also canceled after the premiere of season 1, I Am Not Okay With This it was a teen drama with a very interesting narrative. The series featured Sophia Lillis, Wyatt Olfeff, Sofia Bryant and Richard Ellis in the lead roles and had not yet been officially renewed.

However, the series left some loose ends that can never be answered by viewers who followed the episodes fervently.

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Over four seasons, the audience followed the electrifying Spanish thriller full of twists and turns, but dubious but captivating characters. Although Netflix has announced that there will be a 5th season soon, this should be the last of the series, with 10 episodes.

The creators had already stated in some interviews that they had planned the end of production for some time. “The war reaches its most extreme and wild levels, but it will also be the most epic and exciting season,” said creator Álex Pina.

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The series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, from the United Kingdom, will have six total seasons, as creator Peter Morgan recently announced. So far, only three of them have been released on Netflix. This would be the initial development plan and, even after some uncertainties, it ended up being maintained.

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After a resounding success among streaming subscribers, Ozark will be closed in season 4. The new wave of episodes will be made available in a fragmented form, with two parts. However, the showrunner Chris Mundy said in an official statement that he was happy and satisfied to finish production as it is.

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The first part of the 5th season of Lucifer just debuted, but Netflix has already announced that after showing the second part, the series will end in a 6th season. This time, at least, the series cancellation will come along with an official outcome, different from when it was removed after 3 seasons of Fox’s grid in 2018.

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The ABC series was licensed by Netflix, but will no longer be part of the platform’s catalog. Now, the medical drama will become part of the list of titles available on Globoplay. During the renewal negotiations, the series started to be disputed by Globo’s streaming and will reach the catalog soon, next to the 16th season.

Other series that were canceled in 2020 include Baby, Patriot Act, Atypical, AJ and the Queen, Dial Friend to Kill, Messiah, Spinning Out, V Wars, Turn Up Charlie, Astronomy Club, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, October Faction, Insatiable and Soundtrack.

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