See the risks of downloading app outside the Play Store

Android is a mobile system that, like any other, is subject to problems related to data leakage. And most of these actions occur due to the installation of a malicious application, especially when the download is done outside the Play Store, the system’s official app store.

Today, TecMundo shows you the risks of downloading from an unknown site, and ways to avoid this type of inconvenience. Check out:

The biggest risks when downloading apps outside the Play Store

The risks of downloading an app outside the official Android store start with the very website where it’s hosted. Many of these pages have a series of malicious codes that seek to infect the system when you log on. So be very careful with permission requests and always be on the lookout for warnings from your antivirus.

Hackers can gain access to your information by downloading apps outside the official Android storeFont: Anete Lusina from Pexels

Regarding the application, being hosted outside the Google Play Store, it does not guarantee any security. In other words, it does not go through Google’s verification of its operation, nor is it removed if illegal activity in its operation is proven.

These apps bring a number of problems to your system, such as creating a backdoor. It creates a kind of hotspot where another user, or even a hacker, can take control of the entire device and its system. Once he gets that access, his information runs a great risk of being illegally shared with other users or even companies that market it through the Deep Web.

Risks also occur within the Play Store

Unfortunately, the dangers related to fake apps also occur within the Play Store itself. As much as there is a reliability verification of software before they are made available on the virtual store, still much may contain malicious code that before Google identifies and removes from the platform, it may have already caused serious problems.

You must be careful with downloading software even within the Play StoreYou must be careful with downloading software even within the Play StoreFonte: Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

In these cases, the first thing to do is to check the company that is developing the software. For example, if you’re looking for a certain game, check if the manufacturer that is offering the game in the store is the same manufacturer that produced the title.

Another recurring problem is related to applications that offer many advantages. Still taking games as an example, never download software that promises to give some special condition in the game, such as virtual coins and even cheats so that you can have a better income, in exchange for nothing.

Software with promise of advantages in games is one of the biggest pitfallsSoftware with promise of advantages in games is one of the biggest pitfallsSource: TecMundo

In addition to the risk of being banned from the game due to illegalities, a large part of these software do not fulfill what they promise, being just a pretext for the user to feel tempted to download it. With that, he ends up opening loopholes in his device so that data or sensitive information can be collected.

How to protect yourself from these problems

As said before, the first step for you to get rid of these problems is always to download the official version of the application from the Google Play Store. There are some rare cases where the software is not available on the virtual store, such as the Fortnite game which, due to a legal battle involving micro transactions, was removed by Google, but has an official version for Android. In this case, the user needs to access the game’s official website and download it.

Fornite is a game that is available outside the Play StoreFornite is a game that is available outside the Play StoreSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

In the Play Store, always check the comments of other users regarding the app before downloading. Software with a low rating or comments indicating fraud are an alert that you may be engaging in a scam.

It is also important to always note which accesses the app being installed is requesting. We’ve had many cases of simple image editing software requesting access even to user information that had nothing to do with how the program works.

Avast is one of the most used antivirus on AndroidAvast is one of the most used antivirus on AndroidSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

Finally, always keep a good antivirus installed and updated on your system. As with common applications, always look for the most popular ones, such as Kaspersky, McAfee and Avast, which have a good rating, as well as many positive comments praising the program’s performance.

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