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Eventually, an unforeseen event happens, and we end up forgetting to pay a ticket. When the expiration date expires, you have no other alternative: you have to find a way to update the ticket to be able to pay the bill and get rid of the pending issue. If your case is that you have forgotten (or even lost) a ticket from the Bank of Brazil (BB), in this tutorial we will help you to take a duplicate of the document.

Step by step to issue a duplicate bank slip

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update a ticket of BB is simpler than you might think. You can do this via the app (on Android or iOS) or on the website itself. Bank of Brazil.

See the ways you can update your ticket below.

With the ticket in hand

If you have an expired ticket in hand, you can directly update it with the data you already have. The steps are as follows:

  • enter the Banco do Brasil website;
  • select “Issue here”;
  • click on “Issue here 2nd copy of slips”;
  • enter your Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF) or Legal Entity Registration (CNPJ), or enter the typeable line;
  • check the option “I’m not a robot” and confirm;
  • issue the ticket and pay within the stipulated period.

Without the expired ticket in hand

It may be that you may have misplaced or lost the ticket who want to pay. In this case, there is the possibility of redeeming the typed line or the CNPJ of the beneficiary company (the one that will receive the ticket) if you can contact her. With this data, repeat the steps above and issue the ticket.

Pay attention to the fact that, in expired slips, the amounts of fine or interest will be automatically included in the new document.

Security tips for updating your Banco do Brasil slip

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When you think about banking transactions that take place on the internet, you can’t be too careful. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips on precautions that you should pay attention to to ensure the safety of your operations.

  • Every time you enter a bank, you need to observe some details, such as the two elements that are on the toolbar. When typing the name of the bank, always check that a green padlock and https appear before the page address. This means that the connection is encrypted and therefore you are safe.
  • Avoid accessing the homebanking on shared computers or public internet networks.
  • Keep your computer’s antivirus program up to date.
  • When issuing the duplicate of your ticketalways use the bank’s official website.
  • Check that the first 3 digits of the typeable line are 001 (these are the numbers that identify Banco do Brasil).
  • When generating the new boleto, check carefully that the beneficiary and payer information is correct. Pay attention to these details: that the full names of the payer and receiver are free of errors; if the CPF or CNPJ number is correct; whether the billing amount and expiration date are correct.
  • Finally, if the upgrade doesn’t work for any reason, contact the beneficiary company ticket.

Where should I pay the new ticket?

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Being within a new expiration date, you can pay your duplicate of the ticket at a Banco do Brasil branch or at another bank you use.

Is bank transfer safe?

At a time when we have so many technologies available, many people wonder what would be the safest tools to handle accounts. That’s why we answer here: Is it still worth paying off your debts with ticket or is it always preferable to use debit or credit cards?

The answer is: the card is safer in certain aspects, as there is a transaction made by banks that is not immediate between payer and payer. If a product is not delivered, for example, banks guarantee the money back. Even in cases of fraud, such as a cloned card, the risk is greater for the card issuer than for the customer.

This does not mean that boleto is not safe, as long as you have some care. So always make sure it hasn’t been tampered with. To do this, check the data in the document and prefer to directly download the slips from the pages of the banks or from the system of the store where you made a purchase.

Bank of Brazil channels

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If you prefer to speak directly with the Bank of Brazil To solve any problem, we provide the main bank contacts below. Service is available 24 hours a day, free of charge.

  • BB Call Center: 4004 0001 / 0800 729 0001.
  • SAC: 0800 729 0722.
  • BB Ombudsman: 0800 729 5678.
  • Hearing/Speech Impaired: 0800 729 0088.

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